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E46 330Ci Project Car

Last Update: 8-11-2017

The '01-'05 E46 330i and '01'-'06 330Ci may be the most undervalued performance cars on the market. When they debuted in 2001, they came equipped with what many would call "more than ample" power for a daily driver, with 225hp (or 235hp, if yours had the ZHP Performance Package). This put the 330i/330Ci in a similar power range as the preceding E36 chassis M3 model. Add to that some very capable brakes that also rivaled the E36 M3 in both size and function, a refined and well-balanced handling package and a near perfect 50/50 weight distribution, and you have yourself a fun and spirited street (and track) machine. 

Fast forward more than a decade, and there are many 330i and 330Ci models seeing lots of daily driving or track duty. This is a testament to the original engineering, build quality, and (in many cases) the care and maintenance their BMW enthusiast owners put into them. 

It's no wonder the fastest growing group of BMW racers right now are using the E46 330 as their platform. Spec E46 is the hottest new road racing class, based on the E46 chassis, that is geared towards vehicle consistency, reasonable costs and ease of entry to highly competitive on-track racing. The E46 330 offers the perfect starting package, and Spec E46 has seen a surge in entrants over the last few years, all racing 2001-2006 BMW 330i and 330Ci models. While SpecE46 shows what these can do as racecars, some of the same upgrades the racers use (and BimmerWorld makes/supplies) can be applied to their street counterparts to achieve similarly strong results on track while still preserving the street manners. 

Some More Loved than Others....

Because it is so easy (and common) to drive an E46 daily, there are some that show their age more than others. Rather than pick up the most pristine and low mileage example out there, we'd pick one that had served it's previous owners well, but was now showing it's years. The expression "rode hard and put away wet" comes to mind for many 330 models for sale today. The example we chose to buy was hardly the worst out there, but definitely fits into the "needs some TLC" category. We believe this 2004 330Ci is a perfect candidate for a Street Car Project and transformation.

Because of the wide range of mileage and condition found on these cars, it's not uncommon to score a running and driving one for as little as $1000-$3000 on an online classified ad or in a front yard in Anytown, America. A little negotiating certainly helps!

The Delivery

Here's a very "honest" gallery, showing the exact condition we received our Project E46 330Ci in. We took this orphan as it was: dirty and "well-loved" in the sense that it was driven for over 12 years. With 186,000 Miles showing on the odometer, we believe there is still plenty of life ahead for this 330Ci.

Project E46 330Ci Photo Gallery - A Dirty Delivery Day

The Transformation

Everyone loves a good transformation. Whether it's a rags to riches story, or a person's personal fitness journey, it's pretty safe to say we all love seeing a dramatic "before and after" result. It's amazing what a little effort and the right changes can bring. The same is true for the E46, and we hope with this recent acquisition of our 2004 330Ci Project Car, we inspire others to embark in similar journeys.

Sneak Peak: New Sneaks! - 18" TA16 Forged Wheels


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Planned Products to be Used:


BimmerWorld TE:AL TA16 Forged Race Wheel - 18"

T6061 forged aluminum wheel - light, strong, durable, and perfect for track or race use

Special Deal! 10%-20% OFF for a limited time!

Price: $383.99 – $449.99

View Product

Powerflex BMW E46 Handling Pack

The perfect combination of value versus performance

Price: $372.99

View Product
16533 exhaust TM.jpg

MagnaFlow Cat-Back Exhaust - E46 330i sedan (01-05) & 330Ci Coupe (01-06)

High-performance MagnaFlow exhaust with proven power gains and great sound

Price: $913.23

View Product

aFe ProDry S Air Filter - E36 E46 E39 - 6 Clyinder

aFe Performance Replacement Air Filter - 31-10015

Price: $76.00

View Product

Lifetime E30/E36/E46 3 Series Rear Shock Mount Set

Better-than-OE performance and a Lifetime Guarantee against failure!

Price: $39.99

View Product

Epic ECU Tune - BMW E46 325/330 (01-05)

Add horsepower and torque with modified VANOS, DISA, fuel and ignition maps.

Price: $349.00

View Product

Engine Splash Panel - E46 323ci 325i 325ci 328ci 330i 330ci

Genuine BMW # 51718268344

Price: $119.21

View Product

OEM Replacement FRONT Brake Rotor - E46 330Ci, 330i, 330xi, E85/E86 Z4 3.0i N52

High-quality OEM brake rotor suited for everything from street use to occasional track use

Price: $62.99

View Product

PFC Z-Rated Front Brake Pads - E32, E34, E36 M3, E39, E46 330i/M3, 128i, E9X 325i/328i/330i, Z4M

High-performance street pads - low dust with excellent street and light track performance

Price: $114.99

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8" BimmerWorld New Logo Decal, Silver Die-Cut

2 FREE with your order - subtle and classy for your street car

Price:  Free!

View Product

Rear Vent Window Gasket - Left - E46 Coupe

Genuine BMW # 51368194741

Price: $31.91

View Product

Rear Vent Window Gasket - Right - E46 Coupe

Genuine BMW # 51368194742

Price: $31.91

View Product

BimmerWorld Windshield Banner - New Logo

The official BimmerWorld banner as seen on leading race cars (when rules allow)!

Price: $19.99

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11 42 7 512 300 small.JPG

OEM BMW Oil Filter Kit (Mann) - E36, E46, E39, E60, X5, Z3, Z4

OEM oil filter ensures the best filtration and service life

Price: $6.99

View Product

Dr. Vanos Update Dual Vanos Unit

The ultimate solution to your old power-draining, noisy VANOS unit

Price: $449.99

View Product

BimmerWorld BMW Pedal Set - Manual Transmission

Machined aluminum pedal covers for superior control and more tactile driving experience

Price: $119.00 – $134.00

View Product

BimmerWorld "Junior Puck" Clutch Stop

Oversized, extended-length clutch stop for faster shifting with standard, performance and race clutches

Price: $19.99

View Product

BimmerWorld TE:AL TA16 Forged Race Wheel - 17"

Pre-Order from the next batch now! Contact us for delivery time.

Special Deal! 10% OFF for a limited time!

Price: $350.99 – $359.99

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BimmerWorld M54 Heater Core Delete Kit

Seal coolant passages (and add a sensor port) for a clean heater core removal

Price: $44.99

View Product

Oil Pan Baffle - E46 6-Cyl (Non-M)

Required for track-driven cars to ensure proper oil pressure and prolong engine life

Price: $179.99

View Product

E46 Carbon Fiber Sunroof Fill Panel

Quality carbon fiber replacement for factory sunroof or glass moonroof

Price: $369.99

View Product

Stewart Components Performance Water Pump - E36/E46

The last water pump you will buy for your car - Lifetime Warranty!

Price: $166.00

View Product

CSF Aluminum Performance Radiator - E46 323i/325i/328i/330i Manual

All aluminum 42mm radiator for non-M 6-cylinder E46 3 Series

Price: $259.99

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