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Your BMW cooling system is critical to the performance and longevity of your BMW engine. A BMW's cooling system works as a whole by circulating fluid to transfer heat away from your engine's vital internal parts. A cooling failure can leave you stranded, or worse -- complete engine failure. Don't risk your engine! A BMW cooling overhaul is preventative maintenance and should be done every 60k miles or 5 years. Regular inspection of all hoses, radiators, thermostat, expansion tank, water pump, fans, fan clutch will help you avoid catastrophic engine overheating. Don't ignore leaks, bulging or cracking hoses or low coolant warnings. Preventative replacement of key BMW cooling components is a must to keep your BMW running strong. Use our SEARCH BY MODEL feature to filter these items for your BMW.

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CSF E46 M3 Triple-Pass Aluminum Radiator

High-quality, cost-effective aluminum performance radiator for the E46 M3

Price: $549.99

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CSF E9X 335i / E8X 135i Aluminum Radiator - Auto Trans

All-aluminum, keeps your E9X 335i or E8X 135i cooler and out of limp mode!

Price: $529.99

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CSF E9X 335i/335xi Engine Oil Cooler

Lower your engine oil temps with an improved engine oil cooler. A must have for track use! 

Price: $599.99

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Stewart Components Performance Water Pump - E36/E46

The last water pump you will buy for your car - Lifetime Warranty!

Price: $194.99

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Brass Radiator Bleeder Screw

Never break your bleeder screw again!

Price: $5.99

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Gold Foil Protective Film

Effectively reflect heat to keep things cool - 12"x24" sections

Price: $34.99

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E36 3 Series Cooling System Overhaul Kit - Stage II

Full, better-than-stock overhaul kit for an upgraded cooling system

Price: $394.99

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Moroso Aluminum Breather Catch Can - Roll Bar Mount

Premium setup with ideal functionality and durability, and happens to look great

Price: $84.99

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BimmerWorld S54 Heater Core Delete Kit

Simple and economical way to remove the heater core plumbing from your S54 engine

Price: $28.99

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BMW Water Pump - 11517632426 for N54/N55 Turbo BMW Engines

Water Pump - 11 51 7 632 426

Price: $468.16

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Coolant Bleed Screw - 17111712788

Aftermarket Replacement # 17 11 1 712 788, 24 Month Warranty

Price: $0.92

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CSF - E46 M3 Cooler Package

within the 48 states
Limited Time Offer.
Radiator and Oil Cooler Package for 2001-2006 M3

Price: $1,099.98

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CSF - E9X M3 Cooler Package

BimmerWorld Retail - $2400
Price as marked is 10% off!
Special Bundle Pricing! Offer valid while supplies last.
The Ultimate Cooling Package for E90/E92 M3 that see regular track or race use.

Price: $2,160.00

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8075 CSF Front Mount Heat Exchanger F8X M3 M4 Small.JPG

CSF Front Mount Heat Exchanger - F8X M3/M4

Drop-in fit requiring no modifications to install. Accepts all OEM components.

Price: $699.00

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CSF Front Mount Heat Exchanger - F8X M3/M4 - Race Version

Race version 50 row requires minor modification to the upper core support.

Price: $699.00

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CSF F8X M3/M4 Charge-Air-Cooler + Heat Exchanger Package

Special Intro Pricing - Limited Availability

Price: $2,499.00

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11 53 1 287 651 Water Pump to Thermostat Housing Hose Small.JPG

Water Pump to Thermostat Hose - E30, E28, E34 (M20 Engine)

Water Pump to Thermostat Housing Hose - 11 53 1 287 651

Price: $16.99

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