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Transmissions & Accessories

Our BMW transmission and transmission parts include everything from street and race-use transmission mounts to refurbished stock BMW and race-prepared transmissions. We can help supply parts for many BMW transmission issues, and our replacement manual transmissions give you options for your BMW street car or BMW race car.

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E30 M3 Upgraded Transmission Mount

Stiffer than stock mounts - reduce driveline movement

Price: $52.99

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E36/E46 M3 Transmission Mount

Replacement transmission mounts for M3s, or as a great upgrade for street-driven E36/E46 cars

Price: $19.99

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Reverse Light Switch

Replacement switch for MANUAL transmission cars

Price: $9.99

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Rogue Engineering Transmission Mounts

Prevent costly missed shifts and increase shifting confidence

Price: $54.99

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ZF 5-Speed Race Prepared Transmission

Race transmission with fast, smooth, and precise shifting and less driveline loss

Price: $3,494.99

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ZF Transmission Detent Repair Kit

Fix kit for your non-centering or hard-to-shift ZF (S5D320Z) transmission

Price: $69.99

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E30 M3 Upgraded Transmission Mounts

Stiffer transmission mounts for reduced driveline movement

Price: $104.99

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E30 325 Upgraded Transmission Mounts

Stiffer mounts for less driveline movement and more precise shifting during performance/track driving

Price: $29.99

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E36/E46 Lowering Solid Engine and Transmission Mount Set

Shortened solid aluminum engine and transmission mounts - zero powertrain movement

Price: $199.99

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E36/E46 OEM Height Solid Engine and Transmission Mount Set

Solid aluminum engine and transmission mounts - zero powertrain movement

Price: $224.99

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ZF Transmission Input Shaft Seal - 23 21 1 224 820

Replacement input shaft seal

Price: $35.99

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  • I would like to thank you and the guys for the service - I know I'm not an easy customer. I always have a lot of questions because I want to do it once and do it right (and not regret anything I buy). I have a budget for my build, and you guys get most of it, and from someone who's very conscious about his shopping...
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