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Camshafts VANOS & Valvetrain

BMW camshafts, VANOS, & valvetrain parts are your BMW engine's vital internals, responsible for moving air and fuel together to create the very combustion that creates power. Our premium BMW cams and BMW valvetrain parts are the best choices for making the most reliable power possible in your BMW. Use our SEARCH BY MODEL feature to filter these items for your BMW.

Need help finding Camshafts, VANOS, & Valvetrain for your BMW? Call us at 877.639.9648, email us, or live chat for expert assistance.

Epic Motorsports E36 M3 Race Camshaft Set

Produce big power without abusing your valvetrain - race only!

Price: $1,799.99

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Genuine BMW M20 Rocker Arm - 11 33 1 271 429

The only rocker arms we recommend for track-driven M20-powered cars - Genuine BMW part

Price: $46.20

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Schrick Camshafts - E36 M3, MZ3, M52

High performance Schrick camshafts

Price: $1,169.90

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Schrick Camshafts - E46 M3, MZ3, MZ4 (S54)

High performance Schrick camshafts

Price: $1,669.99

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Schrick Camshafts - E90, E92 M3 285 Degree

High performance Schrick camshafts

Price: $2,599.99

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Epic Motorsports E36 M3 Sport Camshaft Set

Carefully engineered design for increased Hp and torque - for use in street and race engines

Price: $1,799.99

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E30 M3 Motorsport Valve Spring Set

Genuine BMW # 11341315912

Price: $24.15

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Timing Chain - E30 M3, E34 M5, E28 M5 E24 M6

High Quality Replacement to BMW # 11311403081

Price: $85.31

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Timing Chain Tension Rail - E39 540i, E38 740i/i, E53 X5 4.4i, 4.6is

High Quality Replacement to BMW # 11311741236

Price: $99.81

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Timing Chain Tensioner - E30 E36 Z3 with M42 / M44 engine

High Quality Replacement to BMW # 11311743187

Price: $38.70

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Timing Chain Tensioner - E39 E38 E53 E34 E32 Z8

Genuine BMW # 11317531813

Price: $93.02

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Timing Chain Tensioner Guide Rail - E34 M5, E28 M5,E24 M6

Genuine BMW # 11311309945

Price: $264.71

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Timing Chain Tensioner Rail (Small) - E30 M3 E34 M5, E28 M5 E24 M6

Genuine BMW # 11311317335

Price: $243.37

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Intake VANOS Solenoid Valve - E9X M3 (11367843117)

E9X M3 Intake VANOS Solenoid

Price: $279.95

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Exhaust VANOS Solenoid Valve - E9X M3 (11367843118)

E9X M3 Exhaust VANOS Solenoid

Price: $279.95

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Rocker Arm, Genuine BMW - E46 M3, MZ3, Z4M (11337833259)

Worn rocker arms will make valve adjustments impossible.

Price: $61.98

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Upper Timing Chain Guide Bolt with Seal - E46 M3, MZ3, Z4M (11111736005)

Prevent disaster on your S54 by checking this timing chain bolt.

Price: $3.98

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Valve Adjustment Kit and Gaskets - E46 M3, MZ3, Z4M

S54 valve adjustment kit for the DIYer

Price: $599.99

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BimmerWorld S54 Valve Adjustment Kit

BimmerWorld Retail - $599.99
Price as marked is $100 off!
Offer valid while supplies last, backorders will not be held, all sales final.
Everything you needed to adjust your valves every 30k miles

Price: $499.99

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Valve Keeper

Fits all US-spec E36, E46, E34, E39, E60, and X5 engines

Price: $1.70

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Valve Adjustment Shim Kit, Genuine BMW - E46 M3, MZ3, Z4M (11340031525)

S54 Valve Adjustment Shim Kit - 11 34 0 031 525

Price: $492.99

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Magnetic Valve Shim Tool - 83 30 0 493 743

The proper tool for easily removing and replacing valve shims.

Price: $35.99

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VANOS Oil Line & Seals - M52/S52/M54 - E36 E46 E39 E60 + others

High Quality Replacement to BMW # 11361705532

Price: $33.85

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S54 Updated VANOS Hub Mounting Bolts - E46 M3, MZ3, Z4M

Original VANOS bolts should be replaced with this new updated version.

Price: $19.92

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VANOS Seal Plate, Genuine BMW - E46 M3, MZ3, Z4M (11367831906)

Sits between the VANOS adjusting unit and solenoid unit.

Price: $27.75

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VANOS Cover Gasket, OEM - E46 M3, MZ3, Z4 M (11367831938)

Seals the outer VANOS cover to the cylinder head.

Price: $7.99

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VANOS Oil Pressure Valve, Genuine BMW - E46 M3, MZ3, Z4M (11367838080)

Regulates oil pressure for VANOS operation on S54

Price: $169.65

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VANOS Solenoid Valve, Genuine BMW - E46 M3, MZ3, Z4M (11367839180)

Solenoid valve pack for S54 VANOS operation.

Price: $888.53

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BimmerWorld S54 Vanos Line

Replace the failure-prone stock line with our high-quality, durable solution

Price: $49.99

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Timing Chain Tensioner, Aftermarket - 11 31 7 838 675

High Quality aftermarket chain tensioner for S52- and S54-powered M engines

Price: $97.99

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Complete Valve Cover Gasket Set, OEM - E46 M3, MZ3, Z4M

Complete set of OEM washer grommets, crush seals, and valve cover and spark plug hole gaskets for the S54.

Price: $69.99

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Rocker Arm - M10 4 cylinder, M30 6 cylinder engine

High Quality Replacement to BMW # 11331271833

Price: $14.45

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VANOS Solenoid Switch - E36 328i/M3, E39 528i, Z3 2.8, MZ3

Genuine BMW # 11361703720

Price: $412.00

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Exhaust Valve (standard size) - E30 M3 E34 M5 E28 M5 E34 M6

High Quality Replacement to BMW # 11341309487

Price: $61.03

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VANOS Solenoid Switch - E34 525i 93-95, E36 325i/M3 93-95

Genuine BMW # 11361738494

Price: $95.93

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OEM Hydraulic Valve Lifter - 11 32 1 748 884

OEM replacement lifters for engine rebuilds and/or performance cams

Price: $15.79

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Genuine Hydraulic Valve Lifter - 11 32 1 748 884

Genuine BMW replacement lifters for more power when upgrading cams and/or valve springs

Price: $42.94

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Valve Spring

Genuine OE part for US-spec E36 M3 engines, plus E39 M5, Z8, X5, and M44 318

Price: $14.99

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Valve Spring Retainer "Upper Spring Plate" - 11 34 1 724 991

Direct-replacement upper spring plate/valve spring retainer

Price: $9.50

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Valve Spring Seat - 11 34 1 403 612

Valve Spring Seat - 11 34 1 403 612

Price: $8.25

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