APEX Pro Digital Driving Coach

Real time performance indicator based on GPS/IMU data

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The BimmerWorld View - There are a lot of tools and data gadgets out there but this is the best one for learning the limits of your car on the track. This is the only tool that we have seen that accurately tells you how much more potential is left in the car. It may also humble you. This tool is different than the AiM SOLO devices in that it can tell you how much faster you can go under any circumstance. The SOLO gives you a predictive lap time but doesn't tell you to go faster in a particular corner. Which makes this an excellent tool for beginner and novice drivers who need to trust in their car's abilities and tires in order to go faster.

The world's first artificial intelligence driving coach!

The Apex Digital Driving Coach uses inertial (IMU) measurements and GPS to model your driving ability, your car, and the track you are on in real time. The dash-mounted display provides real-time assessment of performance using LED lights. As your performance improves the red lights turn to green. The Apex Pro Coach learns and adapts throughout your session, displaying your progress along the way. You can even teach it to learn custom or non-permanent tracks.

The Apex Pro Driving Coach works on its own or with a smartphone app. Pairing the Apex Pro with your phone unlocks lap timing as well as "heat" mapping of the track to show areas of success or improvement. You can also save sessions to compare with co-drivers or instructors. It complements your instructor, especially if he/she establishes a baseline lap for you to study later.

The Apex Pro Driver Coach is always working, with or without the smartphone app. Using GPS and a IMU data from its internal sensors it continuously records grip, acceleration, braking, and turning data - 12,000 data points every second! Its sophisticated internal processor builds a digital model of the track and the vehicle. It knows when you're accelerating or braking, turning in or exiting a corner and it predicts what the performance limits are of the track and the vehicle. All you have to do is drive fast enough to reach its targets. Red lights mean there is more potential left in the car so you'll always know where you stand - humbled or satisfied with your driving abilities. With the app recording your session you get an instant replay to study later on.

The Apex Pro is not permanently fixed to the vehicle. A base is installed using double-sided tape. A suction cup mount is also available. Install the Apex Pro in a line-of-sight location so you can safely monitor it during the session. Additional bases are also available for multiple installs. When not in use remove the Apex Pro from the base. Calibrating the unit is fast and easy and can be done while you buckle your harnesses and check your mirrors. The app is available on Apple and Android app stores, however, the Android version has fewer features.

BimmerWorld has tested the Apex Pro in a number of driving and racing situations and found it to be an invaluable tool in helping all drivers meet the car's potential. We especially liked it for our Chump Car events where our younger drivers can get up to speed faster without needing extra track time.

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