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Our headquartersOur Facility

The BimmerWorld shop is a full-service facility exclusively for BMW cars, specializing in high-performance, race, and large project work. All mechanics working on your car are part of our professional race team, ensuring an extreme level of attention to detail that will help you win races or just provide piece of mind for your street car.

Our shop is open by appointment only – please call or email if you would like to make an appointment, discuss your project, or are in the area and would like a tour.

Our headquartersTrackside Support and Coaching Services

BimmerWorld trackside support service provides experienced mechanics to perform crew duties, including session prep (checklists, tire changes, chassis setup), on-track support (timing, tire temps and pressures, pit lane adjustments), and mechanical diagnosis and repair. Bring a new level of preparation into your program and free yourself to focus on driving and results!

Driver coaching by our team of professional and experienced racers/instructors is the fastest way to advance your skills or break through a plateau. If you haven’t improved at recent events or DE instructors no longer give you direction, or you are an instructor that wants to get faster, our coaches can give you a fresh perspective and in a day or two, provide you with material to work on for several events to come. Absolutely EVERY driver, no matter what level, can benefit and improve with the help of a capable coach.

Please call or email to inquire about our trackside programs or schedule an event. Due to racing schedules, we are unable to meet all needs and early planning is encouraged.