BMW Motorsport Parts and Upgrades
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BMW Motorsport Parts and Upgrades

BimmerWorld has over 25 years of racing heritage with BMW and has been the only racing organization in the USA to compete with the M235i/M240i Racing, F82 M4 GT4, G82 M4 GT4, and G82 M4 GT3 while also supporting customers around the globe. We have the depth of experience with BMW Customer Racing machines that no one else does. If you are lucky enough to own a M235iR, M240iR, M2 CS Racing, or M4 GT4 browse our catalog of replacement parts, spares, and upgrades, or reach out to us for advice and insight. We offer the homologated factory BMW parts as well as upgrades for cars no longer confined to homologation.

BimmerWorld wants to be your motorsport partner - not just a parts department.


M235i/M240i Racing


James Clay, M240i Racing, 2020 SRO TC Driver's Champion

BimmerWorld has campaigned five M235i Racing and M240i Racing cars since 2018 culminating in winning the SRO TC Driver's Championship in 2020. That year the team scored 4 wins and 14 podium finishes! President James Clay has raced the M235iR/M240iR around the world, including multiple VLN, 6H and 24H races at the Nürburgring. Now many of these cars are moving to club and semi-pro level events and we enthusiastically support these efforts. Not only are supplying parts under the original homologation rules we are applying our vast tuning knowledge to get more out of these cars. The M235iR makes a fantastic track day machine, but when rules allow (or when rules don't apply), BimmerWorld has an extensive program of M235iR upgrades, spares, and equipment to help you go faster and get the most enjoyment from your race car.

The M235iR/M240iR is built with parts from the M235i street car, E92 M3 GT4, and F82 M4 GT4 race cars. Much of the engine internals are shared with the N55 engine used in the M235i and 2016-2018 M2. The suspension arms use monoball bearings (2016 spec) with KW Competition coil overs, and the differential is from the E92 M3 GT4. The body is custom-designed using flares and extensions unique to the M235i body shell and necessary to clear the 10.0" wide wheels.

The first cars from BMW Motorsport were delivered in 2014. A 2016 Evolution package updated the suspension bushings and added a rear wing. For 2019 the car was renamed the M240i Racing to keep it aligned with the street car nomenclature but the specs remained as before with minor cosmetic and functional upgrades.


Click here for M235i Racing Spare Parts and Standard Parts

Here you will find parts from the BMW Motorsport catalog for the M235iR. These are Genuine parts needed to ensure compliance with rules or to maintain the original performance and spec of the factory-built car. We have extensive spare parts listed and usually with better prices, more knowledge, and an easier buying process than buying from an authorized Motorsport dealer.

M235i Racing Upgrades:

From our racing experience and talking with customers, we have several "Must Have" upgrades for a track day or club racer M235i/M240i. These are upgrades from the standard spec so check your rulebook to maintain compliance. Club racers and track enthusiasts who don't have to follow a rulebook can make significant gains in performance and speed with these upgrades and elevate the M235i from a confined spec racer into the more serious and capable race car we know it can be.

M235i Racing Suspension Upgrades The M235iR suspension is the most obvious upgrade area with the most significant gains.  The supplied KW dampers certainly work well, but their performance degrades quickly and we have found that for pro use (or maintaining a stock performance level), frequent rebuilds are required.  We have worked with Motion Control Suspension on much more compliant (wish they were 'Ring legal!) and robust racing damper packages, as well as an array of replacement arms, bushings and upgrades. 

M235i Racing Aero & Exterior Upgrades The 2016 Evo package included a rear wing for more downforce. But it's small and designed to make the car more competitive in its class, not for maximum downforce. We have several larger rear wing options that will help with high speed grip.

M235i Racing Brake Upgrades M235iR comes with either PFC or AP Racing calipers over 372mm rotors. We have a large selection of replacement pads for each caliper as well as other consumables such as PFC rotor rings, caliper rebuild kits, and fluid.

M235i Racing Cooling Upgrades Every car can use better cooling and more so on track driven turbo cars. The M235iR uses a lot of stock street car cooling hardware such as the radiator and oil cooler. We have upgrades to keep temps down and power up.

M235i Racing Driveline Upgrades Since the M235iR uses an automatic transmission and limited-slip diff there is not much to "upgrade" but we have several items that may be useful, including the factory Evo solid transmission mounts and differential rebuilds/upgrades.

M235i Racing Engine Upgrades Here you will find mostly maintenance items for the M235iR - belts, pulleys, spark plugs, ignition coils, filters, etc.

M235i Racing Engine Software Upgrades Engine software upgrades are in the works and will be released shortly.

M235i Racing Safety Upgrades We have a large catalog of universal safety items from fire systems to window nets.

M235i Racing Wheel Upgrades The M235iR uses a 18x10" wheel in the front and rear and there are plenty of light weight and strong wheel options in addition to the factory BBS wheels.



M4 GT4


BimmerWorld M4 GT4 at Mid Ohio

BimmerWorld has consistently been among the top privateer BMW teams in the world over the last few seasons. No other team has fielded more Customer Racing cars in the IMSA and SRO series. BimmerWorld gave the M4 GT4 its first podium (Daytona) and first win (Road Atlanta) in North American endurance racing in addition to numerous wins, podiums, and constructor points. The M4 GT4 was a well-developed car right out of the box but significant additional work was required to make it legal and safe for racing in the USA. BimmerWorld has always tested extensively before and during the season to understand the M4 better and how to make it faster within the rules. Outside of GT4 rules we can apply an arsenal of race-quality components to make the M4 faster and handle better. If you're building a M4 track car or race car, contact us with your needs so we can help. Wherever rules allow - or when rules don't apply - BimmerWorld has a burgeoning program of M4 upgrades, spares, and equipment to help you go faster and get the most enjoyment from your race car.

The M4 GT4 is built with a mix off-the-shelf M4 parts with a small number of specialized pieces, which makes sense as the GT4 class is intended for production-based road cars (very similar to Group N cars of the 1980s-1990s). The engine, transmission, suspension, and much of the body are carried over from the road car - it's actually closer in spec to a M4 GTS than you might realize. BMW modified the M4 GT4's suspension geometry to allow 11.0" wide wheels and better aerodynamics and unfortunately these parts can't just be bolted on to upgrade a road car, but we can supply similar components that are more cost-effective and in most cases even more potent than the tightly-regulated GT4 catalog.


M4 GT4 Parts

M4 GT4 Spare Parts and Standard Parts

Contact us if you are in need of Genuine BMW Motorsport parts for M4 GT4. These are Genuine parts needed to ensure compliance with rules or to maintain the original performance and spec of the factory-built car. We have access to extensive spare parts and usually with better prices, more knowledge, and an easier buying process than buying from an authorized Motorsport dealer.

M4 Track & Racing Upgrades:

With a full year of racing the M4 under our driving suits, we have several "Must Have" upgrades for a track day or club racer M4. These are upgrades intended for dedicated track and race cars and not for street cars that spend occasional time on track. For street car upgrades, check out our other M3/M4 Project Cars by clicking here.



Other BMW Motorsport Parts


M4 GT4 Body-in-White next to BimmerWorld-OPTIMA M4 GT4

As a true BMW tuner we are also engaged at racing and track events all over the country and with multiple BMW race cars. If you're looking for Genuine BMW Motorsport parts or other racing upgrades and equipment, we want to be your source! Contact us via email or phone with your Motorsport parts needs. We usually have better prices, more knowledge, better service, and an easier ordering process than going through a Motorsport dealer.

Not all of our Motorsport parts end up on our website. If you don't see the part you're looking for please don't hesitate to call or email with your needs.


A Sampling of BMW Motorsport Parts:


PFC 11 Racing Brake Pads - PFC ZR54 Caliper (incl M235i/M240i Racing)

Performance Friction 11 compound racing brake pads - ideal for sprints and medium distance racing (PFC ZR54 calipers)

Price: $453.15

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Castrol SRF Super DOT 4 Normal Viscosity Racing Brake Fluid, 1 Liter

Silicone-based racing brake fluid. Normal viscosity. 518°F wet boiling point.

Price: $74.99

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BimmerWorld TE:AL TA16 Forged Race Wheel - 18"

T6061 forged aluminum wheel - light, strong, durable, and perfect for track or race use

Price: $579.99 – $649.99

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Genuine BMW M235iR Race Wheel - 18x10 ET24

Factory 18x10 flow-formed race wheel - create a square track wheel set with Genuine wheels! Genuine BMW Motorsport part #36108416558.

Price: $709.99

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Rear Cat-less Racing Exhaust, Genuine BMW - M235i/M240i Racing

Zero restriction muffler-delete rear pipes are lighter and make more power for the track. Genuine Motorsport part under BMW part #18008416477.

Price: $3,399.99

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Radiator, CSF Triple-Pass Aluminum - F22 M235i/M235iR, F30 335i, F32 435i

Extra-thick core and Triple-Pass means three times the cooling exposure

Price: $799.00

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Outer Rod Joint, 14x1.5, BMW - F87 M2 CS Racing, F82 M4 GT4

BMW Motorsport part # 31108417451 (replaces 31108431072, 31108431887, 31108431956)

Price: $351.41

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Brake Cooling Backing Plate, Right - F82 M4 GT4

The right side factory carbon fiber ducted backing plate from the M4 GT4 racecars

Price: $741.00

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KW Motorsport Coil Over Kit - F22 M235iR/M240iR

Original-spec motorsport damper set

Price: $6,149.99

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Motorsport PFC V3 Brake Disc Ring, Left - M235i/M240i Racing

Replacement Left friction ring for PFC brakes on M235iR. Genuine BMW Motorsport part #34108416725.

Price: $649.99

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Red Line 5W40 Euro-Series Engine Oil, Quart

Premium high performance 5W40 equivalent to BMW LL-04 standards

Price: $16.97

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Front Left Fender Flare - F22 M235i/M240i Racing

Front fender flare from Motorsport M235i/M240i Racing model. Genuine BMW Motorsport part #51778416699

Price: $619.99

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Top End Gasket Set, Elring - E82 135i, F22 M235i, E9X 335i, F3X 335i, F10 535i, X3/X5/X6 35i (N55)

Extensive gasket and seal package for N55 work above the engine block.

Price: $188.99

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M14 Premium 82mm BimmerWorld Race Bullet Nose Wheel Stud

82mm with extra large shoulder to reduce fatigue and stress risers

Price: $12.99

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