BimmerWorld Logo & Style Guide
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BimmerWorld Logo & Style Guide

Need a BimmerWorld Logo? No Problem!

We do ask that you take a moment to read this guide of "dos and don'ts" when using the BimmerWorld trademark.

1. Please obtain permission before using our logo. If you need permission, please email [email protected]. If you already have either written or verbal permission, great!

2. Please don't alter or stretch our logo in any way. We understand sometimes its hard to fit a logo in a specific space, but stretching our logo or cropping it awkwardly will get us grumpy.

3. Please stick to the BimmerWorld color palette, as outlined below. From our logo, to our T-shirts, to our race car liveries, we are very particular about our branded colors.

4. Please use a vector image whenever possible. If a bitmap (JPEG, GIF, PNG, etc) must be used, always start with a large vector and size the image to display at 100% or less. Displaying our logo at more than 100% from a smaller bitmap image makes for quality poor. And we like our lines sharp like those of a sleek new BMW, or our driving line through the "Esses" of Virginia International Raceway.

BimmerWorld Color Palette

BimmerWorld Blue
PMS 072
Hex #1c3f95
RGB 28, 63, 149
CMYK 100, 88, 7, 1
BimmerWorld Gray
Cool Gray
PMS 008
Hex #919295
RGB 145, 146, 149
CMYK 46, 37, 36, 2
BimmerWorld Yellow
PMS 123
Hex #f2d90a
RGB 242, 217, 10
CMYK 7, 9, 100, 0
BimmerWorld White
Hex #ffffff
RGB 255 255 255
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 0
BimmerWorld Black
Hex #000000
RGB 0, 0, 0
CMYK 75, 68, 67, 90

Using the BimmerWorld Logo

BimmerWorld Style Guide & Logos Standard Format

BimmerWorld Style Guide & Logos Monochrome B& Format

Large Format (Print Only)

On some occasions when using the BimmerWorld logo in a very large, non-digital setting, the size and placement MAY lend itself to using the below "Large Format" logo variations. Please note these are only for print / vinyl / physical use, and not for any digital or web usages. We generally only approve this "plain" logo when used printed 40" or wider, such as large print banners, racecar liveries, T-shirt designs, or unique large format scenarios. (Please inquire for permission.)

BimmerWorld Style Guide Large Format
BimmerWorld Style Guide Large Format on Light bg

What NOT to Do....

Below are examples of unacceptable alteration and use of the BimmerWorld logo. Please don't make these mistakes.

BimmerWorld Style Guide Figure 5

Download the Right Logo:

If you understand the above, and require a BimmerWorld Logo file for an approved use, you may select from the files below.

Standard Logo (Preferred) - White trademark in Blue box

This is our preferred logo for most uses. The boxed blue BimmerWorld logo works well in both print and digital formats when used on a white or light colored backdrop, as well as a dark or black backdrops.

BimmerWorld Logo - Blue Box

Download Logo Files:
Vector Files: Adobe Illustrator (.ai) | EPS | PDF
Bitmap Based Files: PNG | JPG | PSD (** These formats not suitable for large print!)

Alternate Icon Logo (with Approval only)
Vector: AI | EPS   Bitmap: PNG | GIF | JPG


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