Black Friday Deal! Price Includes Extra 30% OFF thru 11/28/2023">

Jaffster V2 Tall Delrin Shift Knob for BMWs

Improve shifter height & ergonomics - Now with factory-style snap-on install

Black Friday Deal! Price Includes Extra 30% OFF thru 11/28/2023

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Same timeless Jaffster design, new and improved mounting system! The set screws have been replaced by the proven factory-style "pop on" insert found in the Little Nicky knob for absolute stability and peace of mind.

The best—and most noticeable—feature of the Jaffster knob is the increased height. Look at any professional race/rally car's interior, and the first thing you will notice is how close the shifter is to the steering wheel. This proximity allows the driver to reduce the amount of time his hand is off the wheel, keeping focus on steering inputs. 

The Jaffster knob is made of 100% Delrin for solid shifts and good heat isolation - you won't burn your hand as you would on a metal knob in the summer. An added benefit is the weight of the knob, which helps engage gears more precisely for quicker shifts. 

Sold as a shift knob only - cars with one-piece knob and boot will require modification of existing boot (e.g. E46 M3).

This knob makes the perfect setup for your performance-driven street or track car when combined with a Rogue OCTANE Short Shift Kit.

  • 6" total height and 0.5 lbs.
  • Ideal ergonomics for perfect feel
  • Tall height for decreased time reaching for shift lever
  • Delrin for durability and heat isolation
  • Added weight  (0.5 lbs) for precise shifting
  • Designed specifically for your BMW

Made in the USA

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