MagnaFlow Direct Fit Converter - 08 BMW 535i 3.0L PS Rear, CA Emissions Spec

MagnaFlow catalytic converter for states that use California-based Emissions Standards (CARB)

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Superior quality high-flow catalytic converters that meet California emissions standards and provide exceptional performance and efficiency.

MagnaFlow California Emissions CARB-compliant high-flow catalytic converters are 50-state legal and are designed for discerning BMW owners looking for superior quality without original equipment prices.

Have you ever ignored your Check Engine light? Oxygen sensor failure or bad spark plugs can lead to unburned fuel making its way into your catalytic converters. Once the fuel ignites, the heat can cause the catalyst material in your catalytic converters to melt. If you've had a check engine light, rattling from the converters, the smell of sulfur, or even road damage, your catalytic converters could be history. That can lead to emission testing failure and horsepower-robbing blockage. Replacing your catalytic converters with MagnaFlow high-flow units will not only help you meet and pass federal emission standards, they can also free up horsepower.

  • Superior quality and efficiency
  • Monolithic honeycomb catalyst design for maximum flow
  • OEM-style ribbed heat shield
  • Lap joint at the neck for free exhaust flow
  • CARB-approved warranty

All MagnaFlow California state catalytic converters meet CARB requirements for California and New York and are 50-state legal. MagnaFlow's OEM Grade OBDII California Emissions catalytic converters ensure compatibility with stringent late model OBDII vehicle emissions requirements. Not only is the substrate volume increased, but these converters are formulated with higher precious metal content and EFN-specific wash coats to satisfy each application's oxygen storage needs, preventing false-fail emissions codes.

BimmerWorld note on BMW catalytic converters:
  • Fitment - This is an aftermarket piece priced significantly lower than the Genuine BMW equivalent. We prefer Genuine BMW for the perfect factory fit, but with a price tag typically 3-5x higher, we will often install these quality aftermarket units instead.
  • Check Engine Lights and Codes - Replacing your catalyst may not resolve a code for an issue that possibly has another root cause. It is the customer's responsibility to diagnose and determine root cause of a catalyst-related engine code.
  • O2 Sensors - The most typical failure of a catalytic converter is failure of the primary/front O2 sensors, which cause the engine to run rich (reducing fuel economy), which also melts the catalyst. Replacing your failed catalyst without solving the root cause of failure will void warranty and significantly reduce lifespan of the replacement catalyst.

  • BMW Fitments:

    5 Series
    E60 / E61 (04-10) > 525i N52 (2006-2007)
    E60 / E61 (04-10) > 530i N52 (2006-2007)
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