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Speed-Buster Power Module Kit - F10 550i, F13 650i, F02 750Li, E70 X5/X6 (N63)

Safely and effortlessly extract more power and torque! 550i/650i/750i/X5/X6 from 3/2012 production.

Special Deal! Price Includes Extra 30% OFF for a limited time!

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  • Power Gain: 80hp
  • Torque Gain: 74ft-lbs
The Speed-Buster Power Module is a simple plug and play 550i/650i/750i/X5/X6 N63 power upgrade that delivers big power gains with no downside. The installation is simple - just 3 sensors - making it the easiest power gain you'll ever do. By sending modified signals back to the engine computer, the Speed-Buster tricks the computer into safely raising the boost. And with careful programming of operational tables, the Power Module doesn't trigger torque limiters, monitors, or limp mode, which means safe power that won't kill your engine - or warranty!

Inside the Speed-Buster module is a sophisticated programming module, tuned specifically for the N63 engine on Speed-Buster's MAHA dyno. All development, tuning, and production are done in-house at their German facility. Speed-Buster's programming works seamlessly with the factory ECU to give an impressive increase in power with factory-levels of driveability and smoothness. All factory overboost protections remain in place and the system can be uninstalled at any time. A bypass plug is also included that allows stock operation without component removal if you want your BMW to appear stock. The Power Module works independently from the factory BMW ECU so it's unaffected by software updates and revisions, and all OBD diagnostics and service functions are untouched.

Installation is fast and easy - simply unplug the factory connectors for the designated sensors on the N63, plug into the Speed-Buster harness, and plug the Speed-Buster connector into the sensors. The harness uses factory-type connectors for a positive and weatherproof connection and an OEM appearance.

Speed-Buster is the premium German tuning module brand. All harnesses, modules, and circuit boards are premium quality, made in-house in the Speed-Buster facility in Germany. No need to pay hundreds of dollars more to buy this component elsewhere in a different box, or risk getting a lesser-quality part! We have researched extensively, and proudly sell the premium Speed-Buster product line.

Fitment note 1: this kit is programmed for the 402hp N63 engine used before 2013, not the later 444hp N63TU (see applications below).

Fitment note 2: BMW used two different TMAP sensors on the intercoolers and the cutoff dates vary by model. The early "Type A" connector has a cutout for the connector to snap into. The "Type B" has a smooth oval housing and an external clip connector. We have tried to narrow down the cutoff dates as best we can in the applications below. If your vehicle's production date approaches a cutoff, we recommend checking the TMAP sensor on your car before ordering. We'll work with you to clear up any confusion and get you the correct harness for your model.

Notice of Emissions Non-Compliance. This software was developed and tuned on vehicles that retained all emissions controls. It is intended for vehicles with stock and fully functional emissions equipment. However, it has not been submitted nor tested for approval in California. Therefore, it is not legal for sale or use in California on any pollution controlled motor vehicle.

BMW Fitments:

5 Series
F10 (3/2012-2013) > 550i
F10 (3/2012-2013) > 550xi
6 Series
F12 / F13 (3/2012-8/2012) > 650i
F12 / F13 (3/2012-8/2012) > 650xi
7 Series
F01 / F02 (3/2012-8/2012) > 750i, 750Li
F01 / F02 (3/2012-8/2012) > 750xi, 750Lxi
X Series
E70 X5 (4/2012-8/2012) > X5 50i
X Series
E71 X6 (4/2012-8/2012) > X6 50i
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