BimmerWorld Ultralight GT Carbon Race Wing

Professional-quality rear wing, 100% carbon element and components, incredibly light and effective

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The BimmerWorld View - The Ultralight-GT Carbon Race Wing is unparalleled in every way. Construction is 100% autoclaved carbon, giving you the lightest, most rigid wing possible - in wrecks, we have seen the car destroyed with this wing element making it through unscathed! Carbon spill plates on the element ends and carbon wicker bill further decrease drag of the foil. Fully integrated carbon mounts have a large range of adjustment so you are never left wishing you had more or less downforce, and carbon stanchions are molded to be aero foils for further drag reduction. While we've appreciated all of the replicas of our wing elements, the build quality of the Ultralight-GT can't be touched by 99.44% of the carbon shops in the world - and you don't want to pay for the ones that can!

The BimmerWorld Ultralight-GT Carbon Race Wing is designed to be the premium aero solution for a variety of BMW-specific applications. This wing is a complete kit which is a direct bolt-on in most cases, and it looks amazing once installed. Additionally, using a proven GT race car foil profile modified for our specific application, the efficiency is much higher than production-based spoilers, including lightweight/motorsport reproductions and the Chinese replicas of Corvette wings with upturned, heavy-drag ends.

Efficient Design

Making higher levels of downforce is easy, but the tradeoff is always the drag it creates. Our design goal was to create the same or higher downforce efficiently so straight speeds are not affected. Back-to-back testing has proven the BimmerWorld part successful in that goal with a 2-3 MPH top speed gain over the popular E36 adjustable Lightweight-style high wing - and no measurable difference versus no wing at all! That difference can equate to a significant difference in lap times! Other design highlights -
  • 66" Width & 11 3/4" chord length - True body width element is the widest legal for BMW Club racing and other sanctioning bodies that limit width to be less than or equal to chassis width. The wider element makes the most effective use of the air.
  • Low Camber Profile - The foil profile used in this wing is designed as a low drag element, still capable of producing high levels of downforce. Significant downforce is made at a 2-degree angle of attack while producing negligible drag, with maximum downforce made at an 11-degree angle of attack.
  • Stanchions - The engineered stanchions included in this are 100% carbon and also made with a smooth, aero-foil design. Pocketed adjuster for the smoothest airflow with no interruption from the wing brackets provides a wide range of adjustment to meet height rules and downforce needs.
  • Spill Plates - Instead of a standard endplate design, the spill plates on this wing relieve air pressure and drag by allowing less functional air to escape at the ends of the top surface of the element.
Quality Production

Like all of our premium BimmerWorld carbon components, is the highest-quality professional race part, made to be lightweight, durable, and very functional.
  • 100% Carbon Construction of All Components - Molded foil is designed for minimal weight and maximum rigidity, without the added resin and clearcoat the cheaper US-made and Chinese wings use to make a lesser part look pretty. Hand-crafted in the USA by a supplier to several BMW Motorsport programs.
  • Rib Supports - The use of 100% carbon internal supports (see photos) along the foil keeps the surface rigid. If the foil surface flexes easily when touched, it is likely not as efficient as possible when subjected to high speed airflow. This is a key ingredient to this incredibly light package.
  • Slide-In Carbon Wicker Bill - Wicker inserts very snugly into the integral slot at the back of the wing for easy adjustment (alternate wicker sizes available for teams doing existing aero development).
Functionally Superior

The proof is in the details. Having a light and very functional wing isn't enough - we made it easy to work with as well.
  • Weight - All components of this wing are designed to minimize weight. Less weight hung high on the tail end of your racecar means a better handling car, and this package is 8+ pounds lighter than most of the "competition!"
  • True Bolt-On Installation - This developed package does not require the hours of setup that an experienced shop would typically spend mounting and adjusting a real race wing to function properly. We do leave a small margin for error in rules legality, but due to different ride heights, rakes, etc, you should verify height and setback before permanently mounting.
Wing includes endplates, wicker bill, stanchions, and hardware. Legal in BMW CCA Prepared and Modified classes, as well as many NASA classes and other groups. Does not fit with the available space on F22, F87, F80, F82, E46 M3 CSL trunk, or other non-stock trunk profiles.

Made in USA.

BimmerWorld race carbon parts are designed solely to improve performance. Surface finish and appearance are not priorities in our racing parts. Carbon may be unfinished or sometimes with a minimal clearcoat (for UV protection). You will not find high gloss finishes here for style points. If your priorities are a show car shine there is no shortage of cheaper carbon-wrapped fiberglass or plastic pieces on the market. These are usually loaded with fiberglass, filler, resin, and many clearcoat layers that make them too heavy or not rigid enough for real world competition use. If you wish to apply a finish we suggest vinyl wrap or a light filler skim coat and then paint. In any case, professional prep and installation are strongly advised.
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