Radiator & Hose Package, Early - E60 525i/528i/530i N52

Early style replacement radiator with matching hose. OEM replacement for BMW part #17117534914.

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Package includes:
  • OEM radiator, #17117519209
  • OEM coolant hose, #11537519494
  • Hose clamp, #07129952109 (x 2)
  • Spacer block, #17117520335 (x 2)

This package is the updated radiator and hose setup for 2006-2010 E60 525i/528i/530i and Xi xDrive models with automatic transmission. The original layout had a hose running from the engine oil cooler (heat exchanger) to the water pump and also branched off to the radiator. BMW phased that system out and eliminated the extra connection to the radiator. However, they continued selling the old style alongside the update. Your car could have either. We don't see an advantage to one over the other except the later version has one less potential leak and is easier to install. If you want the latest design and what BMW is currently installing at the dealership, this is the kit for you as it includes the core parts you need and no guesswork is required. Note that the upper and lower radiator hoses are sold separately.

This is an OEM E60 N52 radiator manufactured by Behr-Hella - the original supplier to BMW for this part, as well as many other radiators. As the OEM it meets all of BMW's original design, fitment, and performance requirements and is TUV approved. OEM parts are the best alternative to more expensive Original BMW parts because they are virtually identical without the inflated price tag. This part has a two year warranty.

Background: there are two radiators for the 2006-2010 E60 models with an automatic transmission: the Early 914 and the Late 209. There is no cutoff date for which cars received a particular radiator. BMW made a running change during production. They also began using the 209 as a replacement while also keeping the 914 available. There is no guarantee that an early car received the updated radiator and hose. There is no way to tell which version you have without a visual confirmation (see diagrams above). If you only buy the radiator you must have the correct hose to match! We also have radiator and hose kits that will eliminate guesswork.

BMW Fitments:

5 Series
E60 / E61 (04-10) > 525i
E60 / E61 (04-10) > 525xi
E60 / E61 (04-10) > 528i
E60 / E61 (04-10) > 528xi
E60 / E61 (04-10) > 530i
E60 / E61 (04-10) > 530xi
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