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Red Line D6 ATF Transmission Fluid, Case, (12 quarts)

Premium GL-4 Dexron VI ATF for 5-, 6-, and 8-speed automatic transmissions - smooth, quick, consistent shifting

Spring Fever! Price includes 10% OFF if bought today.

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Red Line D6 ATF is the ideal choice for BMW's modern manual and automatic transmissions (2006+). This transmission requires consistent, low-viscosity fluids that are shear-stable, and Redline's D6 ATF easily satisfies those requirements. D6 ATF also satisfies API 70W/75W GL-4 gear requirements, giving it balanced frictional characteristics that provide smooth and consistent shifts for extended drain intervals. D6 ATF provides the best low-temperature shifting characteristics.

Red Line only uses premium Group IV and Group V blended oils to achieve better results than stock OEM fluid. These premium base oils are chemically engineered to be more stable under high temps and have superior lubricity than ATF that uses lower-grade Group III oils (most factory oils). The oil does a better job of clinging to surfaces, providing not just lubrication but protection as well. Shear stability is key to providing the most consistent shifting performance over time and when exposed to higher heat and torque. Additional detergents to help ensure a long service life.

Red Line D6 features:
  • Provides a GL-4 level of gear protection - compatible with many BMW manual and automatic transmissions and safe for soft metals
  • Appropriate coefficient of friction for most manual transmission synchronizers
  • Excellent for high- and low-mile transmissions
  • Excellent cold weather operation with superior cold viscosity and pour point than OEM

This fluid meets BMW recommendations for BMW Dexron VI, replacing BMW factory fluid part #83220432807, 83220397114, 53220142516, 83220144137, 83220406929, and 83222152426. It's compatible with BMW ATF 3, ATF 3+. MTF-LT-3, ZF Lifeguard 6, Lifeguard 6 PLUS, Lifeguard 8, Lifeguard 8 ATF. It can be used in ZF or Getrag manual transmission from approximately 2006-onwards and automatic transmissions from approximately 2003-onwards, including RWD and Xi/xDrive AWD models. Not for DCT transmissions.

1 quart = 0.95 liters.

BMW Applications:

E82 128i/135i/1M

F22 228i/230i/M235i/M240i

E9X 325i/328i/330i/335i and xDrive

F3X 320i/328i/330i/335i/340i and xDrive

G2X 330i/M340i/430i/M440i and xDrive

E39 525i/528i/530i automatic transmission

E60 525i/528i/530i/535i/545i/550i and Xi

F10 528i/535d/535i/550i and xDrive

G30 530i/540i/M550i and xDrive

E63 645ci/650i

F06/F12/F13 640i/650i and xDrive

G14/G15 840i/M850i and xDrive

E84 X1 28i xDrive

F48 X1 28i xDrive

F39 X2 28i/M35i xDrive

E83 X3 2.5i/3.0i/3.0si xDrive

F25 X3 28i/35i/M40i xDrive

G01 X3 30i/35i/M40i xDrive

F26 X4 28i/35i/M40i xDrive

G02 X4 30i/35i/M40i xDrive

E53 X5 3.0/4.4/4.6is/4.8is

E70 X5 3.0si/35i/4.8i/50i

F15 X5 35i/50i

G05 X5 40i/50i

E71 X6 35i/50i

F16 X6 40i/50i

G06 X6 40i/50i

G07 X7 40i/50i

E85 Z4 2.5i/3.0i/3.0si automatic transmission

E89 Z4 28i/30i/35i

G29 Z4 30i/M40i
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