S65 Oil Dipstick with Used Oil Pan

Traditional dipstick and refurbished oil pan for your S65 engine - manually and reliably check your exact oil level - $750 core charge included in price

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At last – a mechanical dipstick for your S65-powered M3!

Our S65 Oil Dipstick with New Oil Pan is the perfect solution to the problem BMW didn't realize they created... We're certain that BMW had the best of intentions when they eliminated the most basic maintenance tool on their latest generation of engines. In theory, a digital dipstick can provide unmatched accuracy and an advanced warning. 

Unfortunately, the electronic unit is sluggish, inaccurate, and in some extreme cases, inoperable in the real world. Besides, call us old-fashioned, but when we're taking one of these street cars on the track to really wring it out, we want to make our own decisions on some important items like oil level, and we want those decisions to be based on real data we can see.

Our mechanical dipstick kit is supplemental to the factory sender unit, and it instills a hint of familiarity in the often unfamiliar, electronics-dominated E9X engine bay. Made from 6061 aluminum, this CNC-bent tubing provides a robust, lightweight, and easy-to-read dipstick. The kit provides immediate, accurate, and repeatable oil level measurements from where you would expect – directly under the hood.

This package is sold as a complete welded assembly with a $750 core charge (included in price) – We send a refurbished oil pan with welded bung; your core charge is refunded once we receive your pan in good condition.

Fits all E9X M3 models, 2008-2013, as well as other S65 engine transplants.

  • The proper oil level setup your E9X M3 should've come with from the factory
  • Complete welded assembly assembly and new pan
  • CNC-bent tubing - accurate and repeatable
  • Monitor your S65's lifeline the dependable way

Made in USA

BMW Fitments:

3 Series

E90 / E92 / E93 (06-13) > M3
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