Apex EC7 18x10 ET33 Wheel Set - F8X M2/M3/M4

Light weight, strong, and affordable track wheel set for M2/M3/M4

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18x10" Square Sizing Track Wheel Set for F87 M2, F80 M3, and F82 M4. +33 offset for perfect fit in the rear. Wheel spacers required for front wheels (sold separately).

The BimmerWorld View - The EC-7 is a great looking, strong, and lightweight wheel that offers good brake clearance for aftermarket brake kits. An optimized car setup begins with the perfect wheel fitment. Without utilizing perfect wheel offsets and maximum tire widths, you're compromising the performance potential of your BMW. The 18x10" ET33 wheel is a better fit for the M2/M3/M4 because you only need a small spacer in the front to get a perfect fit.

There are other wheel sets on the market that use a ET25 offset wheel which is too aggressive for the rear. It forces you to run a narrower tire or extra negative camber for it to clear the rear fender. The ET33 is a perfect fit in the rear. A small spacer is required for the front wheel to clear the spring perch - 5mm spacer required for a stock strut, 12-15mm for coil overs. These wheels, like many wheels, are not compatible with 10mm wheel spacers. We recommend using 12mm spacers, as 10mm hubcentric spacers have inherent design limitations that prevent them from sitting flush. Spacers and wheel studs can be ordered separately using the links below.

The APEX EC-7 wheel addresses the concerns of more and more racers and track day enthusiasts: long-term durability with fit and extreme performance. There's no denying that cars are getting faster and heavier, so the EC-7 was designed and engineered to handle extreme abuse on track and street. Thanks to its lightweight barrel and robust face design, the EC-7 stands up well against the rigors of endurance racing, as well as your average street potholes. The EC-7's spoke profile has been designed with a curve to provide additional caliper clearance, often clearing a BBK on applications where the ARC-8 could not - spacer-free! Note: in some race applications, we still often choose to use spacers.

As with the rest of the APEX wheel line, EC-7 achieves its combination of strength and light weight through flow-forming technology. By flow-forming the wheel, weight is reduced in the barrel through a process sometimes referred to as "roll forging." Roll forging, while not the same as the traditional forging, is superior to regular casting. The rolling process occurs under extreme pressure, yielding a barrel that is stronger than a standard cast wheel, with certain material properties that are similar to a standard forged wheel. This added barrel strength allows for a reduction in overall wheel weight, while not sacrificing any of the strength you'd expect from durable flow-formed wheels.

  • Split-spoke design - superior strength and reduced weight
  • Flow-Formed / Roll-forged barrel - superior strength & reduced weight
  • Excellent clearance for aftermarket big brake kits
  • Carbon fiber pattern hub cap - clean and simple
  • Accepts OEM BMW center caps (sold separately)
  • Correct dimensions for lug bolts or studs (longer bolts required with spacers)
  • Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) compatible (not included)
Priced per wheel (individually). All wheels come with APEX center caps. BMW center caps sold separately.

Fitment Note: we do our best to display wheels that fit your BMW model, based on your model selection. Wheels with aggressive fitments or tight clearances may also be listed. Many variables must be considered for wheel fitment, especially when using larger wheels or different offsets. These variables include: suspension type and settings, ride height, tire size, bodywork changes, and alignment settings. In some cases, additional parts or modifications may be necessary for fitment that may not be listed in our catalog. Final wheel fitment and clearance is the responsibility of the customer, however, we welcome your questions on fitment, size, offset, or other wheel-related inquiries. Wheel returns are limited to quality issues only.
BMW Fitments:

2 Series
F87 (16-18) > M2
3 Series
F80 (15-19) > M3
4 Series
F82 / F83 (15-20) > M4
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