Oil Level Sensor & Spacer Kit (BMW sensor) - F8X M2/M3/M4 S55

Add 3/4 liter of oil to help prevent oil starvation. Kit includes Genuine BMW sensor.

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Over-filling engine oil is an old trick to help avoid oil starvation on the track. On modern cars with the electronic sensor it's not as easy as just pouring in extra oil - the sensor is not positioned for a different oil level. This package should be a no brainer for ANY tracked S55 engine* and can even be used on GTS and CS models to get a little extra oil capacity.

Our kit uses the correct S55 oil sensor with an aluminum spacer to allow 3/4 liter of extra oil capacity. Total oil capacity is now 7.25 liters. This is done with zero changes to the oil pan other than longer studs for the spacer. No programming changes are needed either.
Video: S55 Oil Overfill Kit Explained

BMW did something similar for the GTS and CS special edition models but used a different combination of sensor and spacer to add a half-liter of extra oil. However, that sensor cannot simply be installed on a standard M3/M4 without interference. We took this concept but made it compatible with an original S55 oil level sensor.

This kit uses a new Genuine BMW S55 oil level sensor. Buying a Genuine part will usually be more expensive than an OEM or aftermarket brand but you are assured that it meets BMW's designs for fitment, performance, and longevity. It will also be the very latest design, incorporating any updates or revisions that an aftermarket brand typically will ignore.

Also available without a sensor. This is only for those that already have the correct length sensor required for this modification. Please contact us directly.

* - cars produced before 9/2014 have a magnesium oil pan and different mounting (bolts vs studs). This only affects very early production models. If you have an early production with the magnesium oil pan, contact us for an alternative mounting solution.

BMW Fitments:

2 Series
F87 (19-21) > M2 Competition
F87 (19-21) > M2 CS
3 Series
F80 (9/14-19) > M3
F80 (18-19) > M3 CS
4 Series
F82 (9/14-21) > M4
F82 (18-21) > M4 CS
F82 (16-17) > M4 GTS
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