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KMP Steering Wheels


KMP has three types of steering wheels aimed for either street or track use.

Clubsport is intended for street use and to carry over your OEM wheel functions to the new racing wheel. The buttons and layout are fixed and specific to each car model. The wheel is monochromatic - black buttons with white emblems that are illuminated to match and dim with the rest of the dash.

Clubsport Nurburgring adds a few buttons and features common for use on Germany's Nurburgring - high-beam flash, turn signals, and wipers. Rules and etiquette are very important on the Ring and using the lights is a true indicator of your intentions so KMP made these features easy to access with your hands still on the wheel.

PRO-Line is the motorsport-focused wheel with suede as standard, military-grade switches and buttons, and the button layout is configured for the features you would use the most on track (flash-to-pass, traction control and DSC settings, wipers, hazards, pit limiter, etc). The layout and function is almost fully customizable. You can also add a shift light display at the top of the hub.

The BimmerWorld View: racing wheels are a crowded market but KMP stands apart as the premium wheel and plug-and-play electronics package. The wheel you receive is the total package and ready to connect to the car. KMP really shines in their quality components and high-level execution - they set the standard high, backed up with their credentials as a manufacturer-supplier to several major European racing teams. They have hub options that meet TUV or FIA standards. The PRO-Line uses military-grade switches and buttons that will take the abuses from demanding motorsport environments. The Clubsport is designed to appear to be an OEM accessory with illuminated buttons and high-quality materials. Wheels have a standard preset based on specific car models but each can also be individualized to make it truly yours.



KMP Custom Steering Wheels

While the wheels have a standardized layout that takes away all of the guesswork, there is the option to customize the KMP wheel in multiple ways.

Materials and Colors

The base OMP Targa wheel comes with the suede material. Alcantara and leather are no-cost options. The center stripe can also be changed from the default yellow to any other RGB color. The center cap can also be customized with a logo or emblem. The KMP is included and BimmerWorld offers our own as well.

Hub Adapter

The base KMP wheel includes a hub adapter and a 44mm (1.73") spacer to mount your new wheel to the steering column. KMP has other options available as well - different spacers, collapsible crash hub (meets TUV criteria), quick-release with cable (meets FIA standard), and a quick-release with 13-pin Deutsch connector (meets FIA standard). The OMP wheel uses the industry-standard 6-bolt pattern so just about any hub or quick-release should be compatible if you had your own preferred setup.


Button Layout and Function

Each BMW model has dozens of features that can be programmed into your wheel. For the most part, KMP programs the new wheel to match the functions from the factory wheel. But you can go further and program features from your column stalks (turn signals, wiper, flash, etc) as well as center console buttons like DSC or hazard lights. Functions from the column stalks and center console will typically require rewiring to be functional. This usually involves de-pinning a connector and re-using the wire in a new connector.

KMP has engineered all of the communication and function to work seamlessly and with as little installation and setup as possible. Button assignments and layout can be customized as well as their specific operation - single press, short press, long press, etc. Buttons are not the only control either - rotary knobs are also available in select layouts that can be turned, dialed, toggled, flicked, rocked, spun, or pushed for function.


Shift Lights

A shift light display can be added along the upper edge of the center hub. The colors are 2 x green, 2 x yellow, 2 x blue and finally 2 x red. Max RPM rev limit is programmed as all blinking red. The rev limit is customizable at the time of your order.


Speed Controls

The standard button layout carries over the OEM cruise control function from the stock steering wheel. But for track use it's common to have an additional limiter for pit lane speed or yellow flag zones. Press the designated button once to engage the speed limit and press twice to disengage. The limiter can be set to 40, 60 or 120km/h (25, 37, or 75mph) or to a preset cruise control speed and the engine and drivetrain electronics will take over to set the speed. The limiter will not activate over 180km/h (111mph).


Race Controls

“Race Controls” refers to OEM features that you would use with a gloved finger(s) under race conditions or in race traffic and may be redundant to an existing function on your dash or from a column stalk. Things like flash-to-pass, hazard lights, wipers, speed limiters, and other things you would want to quickly activate at your fingertips. You may also want to control other things from one central area - start/stop, DSC or traction control settings, chassis settings, or power modes.

CAN and Auxiliary Outputs

This is strictly race stuff. CAN refers to any network of modules, not specific to the BMW network. It could be AiM, Motec, or any other racing dash or PDM system you have installed. KMP has 6 digital output channels in addition to the CAN-Bus output.

As the leading BMW specialist in North America for KMP Drivetrain we have extensive insight and experience in selecting and using a race wheel in your BMW. Call, chat, or email us now to get the process started.

Page updated 07/10/2024.

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