Front Left Thrust Arm, Meyle HD - E60 525i/528i/530i/535i/545i/550i/M5

Meyle HD control arm with solid rubber bushings for better performance and longer life

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The Meyle HD front left thrust arm for the 2004-2010 E60 525i/528i/530i/535i/545i/550i and M5 uses a stiffer rubber bushing to provide more precision and responsiveness. The stock rubber bushings are designed as a compromise between a soft pliable ride and crisp BMW handling. If you feel that the E60 steering is a bit too soft these are a perfect upgrade. This is the complete E60 driver's side thrust arm, also known as a radius rod, tension strut, or upper control arm.

Worn original E60 rubber bushings cause steering vibration, imprecise steering feel, and sloppy handling. The bushings are replaceable on their own but a complete arm is the better option as it also includes the outer ball joint. The arm also comes fully assembled which greatly simplifies installation.

This HD thrust arm is made by Meyle, a leading supplier of bushing upgrades for European vehicles. Meyle recognizes shortcomings in original bushing designs and makes improvements that have positive effects in handling, steering, and the longevity of the bushing. Meyle HD bushings come with a four year warranty.

BMW Fitments:

5 Series
E60 / E61 (04-10) > 525i M54 (2004-2005)
E60 / E61 (04-10) > 525i N52 (2006-2007)
E60 / E61 (04-10) > 528i
E60 / E61 (04-10) > 530i M54 (2004-2005)
E60 / E61 (04-10) > 530i N52 (2006-2007)
E60 / E61 (04-10) > 535i
E60 / E61 (04-10) > 545i
E60 / E61 (04-10) > 550i
E60 / E61 (04-10) > M5
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