Lifeline Zero 2000 AFFF 4.0-liter Mechanical Fire System

A superb entry-level mechanical system using AFFF foam

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  • AFFF foam suppressant
  • Entry-level, cost-effective complete fire system
  • Mechanical trigger
  • 4-liter steel bottle*
  • 4 cockpit nozzles, 4 engine nozzles
  • FIA Tech List 16 approved (older spec than 8865-2015)
Lifeline 2000 systems are mechanical in operation being activated by strategically placed pull cables. The bottle valve is a high quality hand held commercial valve that has been modified by Lifeline to allow total discharge and fitting of pull cables.

The AFFF foam suppressant is a water-based liquid that coats surfaces, removing the ignition source and oxygen. The foam can only suppress what it is in sight so the position of the nozzles is critical. Once the fire is smothered the foam stays behind to prevent flare-ups. It works especially well on fuel and oil fires but not good at all for an electrical fire. Clean-up is easy as you can rinse surfaces clear but the chemical can be corrosive if left behind. To learn more about fire systems and suppressants, click here for our Tech Page.

Kit includes:
1 x 6ft Pull Cable
1 x 12ft Pull Cable
1 x mounting bracket and straps
8 x New misting nozzle (4 for interior, 4 for engine)
6 x 8mm T-connector
8 meters of  8mm alloy tube
1 x 8mm bulkhead connector
10 x tube clips
1 x decal pack

* - the 4-liter bottle is generally accepted as equivalent to a 5lb system but consult your series or sanctioning body for confirmation.
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