Lifeline Novec Fire Bottle Service & Recertification

Novec recharge and recertification

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$124.99 – $819.99

Each service includes a new certification.

Important! Bottle service and recertification is a service and not an exchange. For an efficient process you need to provide your contact info and plan ahead for Ground shipping times (to/from) as well as the actual service and processing time. Turnaround times are dependent on the time of year (longer at the start of racing season). Some bottles and systems require very specific service work that adds processing time (ex: bottles must be pressurized for X time to check for leaks). Plan the schedule ahead or have a second bottle per system that you can swap in.

Service Types:  
Routine: extract and recycle the old gas, check all parts for wear and age issues, refill with Novec gas, pressurize, and relabel. Includes certification. Electric service includes a new electric trigger.  
Refill (after discharge): check all parts for wear and age issues, refill with Novec gas, pressurize, and relabel. Includes certification. Some additional costs may be required if the system has been triggered. Electric refill includes a new electric trigger. 

Note: We cannot service, refill, or recertify any Lifeline bottle that has been damaged. Please be sure to properly package your bottle before shipping it back to us for the service. 

Lifeline Novec fire bottle service and certification is required for Lifeline fire systems every two years, or whenever they have been triggered (discharged). We provide factory-trained recharging services to ensure the utmost safety and performance of your car's Lifeline fire-suppression system.  

Lifeline Novec 1230 extinguishant represents a significant step forward in fire safety while being non-toxic and ozone-friendly. This service is highly recommended and required - if you want your fire system to be there when you need it. Service and recertification every two years is critical!  


  • Please DO NOT fire the system if it has not already been fired
  • Bottles that are 10 years of age or older cannot be serviced
  • Bottles that are 6 years from their last service date (or original fill date) cannot be serviced

Contact us PRIOR to sending your unit in order to get your order number. Please ship all systems for recharge to the following address:  
BimmerWorld - Lifeline Bottle Recharge  
Order #XXXXXX  
1016 Memorial Drive
Pulaski, VA 24301

Place your order number on the outside of the box for us to help identify the package. We ask that you include a return shipping address if we are to send your fire bottle to a different location than your current order.  

Recharged systems cannot be shipped via expedited air shipping services - return via UPS Ground service is required.

“Novec” is a brand name owned by 3M and will be discontinued by 2025. The gas itself is still available from European suppliers but will not be marketed under the Novec brand name. It's the same molecular composition and fire suppression performance, just under different name(s).

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