Lifeline Zero 2020 ABF Electric Fire System - 3.0 Liter

A superb entry-level electrical system using ABF foam

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  • ABF water/foam suppressant
  • Entry-level, cost-effective complete fire system
  • Electrical trigger
  • 3-liter steel bottle*
  • 2 cockpit nozzles, 3 engine nozzles
  • FIA Tech List 16 approved (older spec than 8865-2015)

Electric systems are activated by pressing a strategically-mounted momentary push button. Using a military specification actuator to detonate the extinguisher, the actuator extends a steel pin, breaking a thin seal in the neck of the cylinder and discharging the contents. All electrical systems have their own independent battery power supply capable of checking battery strength and circuit continuity as well as giving a visible indication that the system is armed.

The 2020 ABF replaces the previous 2000 AFFF foam. The new formula is lighter but more effective - you need less material on board which means a smaller bottle and less weight. Yet it's more effective so fewer nozzles are required and it's easier to install.

The ABF foam suppressant is a water-based liquid that coats surfaces, removing the ignition source and oxygen. The foam can only suppress what it is in sight so the position of the nozzles is critical. Once the fire is smothered the foam stays behind to prevent flare-ups. It works especially well on fuel and oil fires but not good at all for an electrical fire. Clean-up is easy as you can rinse surfaces clear but the chemical can be corrosive if left behind. Lifeline ABF is free from PFOS and PFOA chemicals. To learn more about fire systems and suppressants, click here for our Tech Page.

Kit includes:
1 x Power module
1 x Power and actuator harness
1 x 8mm – Alloy Semi Rigid Tube – 6m Length
1 x Heat Proof Overbraid – 6m
2 x Activation Switch
1 x Zero 2020 Brackets & Straps
1 x 8mm Bulkhead Fitting
5 x Misting Nozzle
4 x 8mm Equal T Connector

* - the 3-liter bottle replaces the previous 4-liter (equivalent to a 5lb system) because the suppressant material performs better. However, consult your series or sanctioning body for confirmation the smaller bottle is acceptable.

Battery Note: the electrical trigger requires a 6LR61 9V battery - the highest-quality and the least internal resistance. Only use reputable brands such as GP Ultra, Duracell, Rayovac, or Energizer. Not all 9V batteries are the same! Our research has found 9V batteries labeled 6LR61 are the best. These can be found at most hardware and big box stores or see Related Items below. If you order online, double-check that 6LR61 is supplied (some vendors will advertise it but send something different). Disconnect your 9V battery between events, bring spare(s), and replace the battery annually.

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