Harrop E9X M3 TVS Supercharger

Positive displacement Eaton TVS 1740-based supercharger kit produces massive bottom end and big overall power

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The BimmerWorld View - The S65 is one of our favorite BMW engines made, but while the high-revving V8 pulls all the way to redline, it lacks a bit of bottom end typical of a larger displacement V8 - and we miss that on the street especially. Harrop's supercharger kit for the S65 employs the proven and patented Eaton TVS1740 roots-style supercharger to make that massive power you're missing, in a package so clean that it looks like BMW designed it for the car.

The BMW S65 is an awesome engine. In our race versions, we run 8,700+ RPM and shift at redline to extract every bit of power. In that environment, BMW's high-revving V8 excels, but in daily driving, it's harder to appreciate the power potential of this engine - without getting in trouble. For a street car, we want to hit the gas and go, and we don't always want to drop a gear or two first. And while BMW may not have been previously known for making massive power, the automotive world is changing, cars are faster, and we like big power in a modified BMW, too!

Mustang 5-oh drivers, hot rodders, and top fuel dragsters have known how to make power for decades - big screws ramming air down your engine's throat.  More recent centrifugal superchargers are easy to package for installation in a snug engine bay, and are easier to configure with an aftercooler to reduce intake temp which is always a factor in forced induction, but they lack the immediate grunt and bottom-end power of a positive displacement kit.  

Enter Harrop, via Eaton, by way of Australia

Positive displacement addresses the low-end power weakness of the S65 engine but is difficult (read incredibly time consuming and expensive) to package, so centrifugal is the only option? Nope! Thanks to Harrop Engineering, a 60-year veteran of the automotive performance industry from the Land of Oz with experience reaching into their native V8 Supercars all the way to F1, the difficult to impossible packaging hurdle has been overcome! And they haven't just "made it work" - Harrop leveraged their work on OE Ford and Lotus supercharger kits to give the BMW TVS Supercharger Kit true OE appearance and fitment - BMW would be hard-pressed to do better.

Harrop utilizes the Eaton TVS 1740 supercharger which produces quick response and monstrous acceleration, yet maintains completely civil drivability. While other systems on the market have trouble developing a plenum that delivers the proper cylinder fill on BMW's S65 V8 due to the difficult layout process, Harrop's plenum design highlights their masterful work, ensuring equal amounts of air to every cylinder. Harrop's electronic bypass valve is a world's first electronic boost control for an aftermarket positive displacement supercharger kit, and it assures perfect and proper boost is always on tap.

Key Features
  • World's first positive displacement supercharger for S65 engine
  • World's first front inlet front drive Eaton TVS 1740 supercharger
  • Latest intercooler system technology
  • Exclusive plenum design for proper cylinder fill
  • Unique bypass actuation control
  • OE appearance and operation
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Notice of Emissions Non-Compliance. This product is intended only for vehicles that may never be used, or registered or licensed for use, upon a public highway. Removing, disabling, or altering emissions equipment on a pollution-controlled road vehicle is illegal. Installing devices or software that trick, disable, or modify emissions controls and monitors on a pollution-controlled road vehicle is also illegal. This product is sold only for racing, competition, track, hobby, or other off-road use. It is not legal for installation or use in California on any pollution controlled motor vehicle. It is not legal for installation or use on any pollution controlled motor vehicle in any state, province, or jurisdiction governed by, or which has adopted, CARB or EPA regulations. Some suppliers have shipping exceptions to certain states or territories, requiring extra delivery time. We will advise you of any delays.

BMW Fitments:

3 Series
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