AiM EVO4 Data Logger

Powerful, high-value data logger with CAN connectivity for countless possibilities and immediate access for crew and coaches

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Discontinued and replaced by the EVO4S or EVO5.

  • This item is no longer available.


The BimmerWorld View - The EVO4 is a fantastic economical data-acquisition piece.  With GPS and internal accelerometer, plus an RPM input, you get all the basics you need to tune the most important part of your car - the driver. Add an MXL or MyChron3 dash for a fully functional display with shift lights and just add sensors to display and record additional engine functions. Race Studio 2 software is robust and gives much more insight into the data you are generating than a normal entry-level system. Configure your EVO4 with an OBDII port input making it a fully plug-and-play system that you can install and pull CAN/OBDII engine functions in 5 minutes! In an E46 M3 this includes temps, RPM, throttle position, steering angle, etc. That's 5 inputs versus the MXL Pista's 8 - we recommend the Evo4 with MXL primarily for CAN-based ECU applications.

AiM's EVO4 Data Acquisition System is a powerful, high-value data logger with CAN connectivity for countless possibilities. This system gives the driver key information for the best vehicle and driving-technique tuning with fully configurable analog channels, integrated GPS module, and a tri-axial accelerometer. The EVO4 provides all information coming from sensors together with data derived from the ECU, as well as two wheel speeds. 

Thanks to its small dimensions (105x40x33 mm), AiM's EVO4 fits in almost any location. The CAN output connects EVO4 to all AiM products, including dashes, Formula steering wheel, and additional devices, such as TC Hub, thermocouples multiplier, Channel Expansion, channels multiplier, LCU-ONE lambda controller, etc. Plus, AiM's EVO4 can be connected to MemoryKey for easy and immediate data download and transfer to a PC for instant access by crew and coaches.

EVO4 is supplied with AiM's Race Studio 2 software, the powerful tool for configuration and analysis that allows the user to customize the logger according to their needs and to display all data on a PC in tables, graphs, histograms, etc.

Technical features:

  • 5 fully configurable analog channels (Can be expanded via CAN expansion)
  • 2 speed channels (via GPS)
  • 1 digital RPM channel (from ignition signal or ECU)
  • Internal 3-axis g-sensor
  • Integrated GPS module
  • Lap time (magnetic/optical lap and GPS lap)
  • CAN protocol for external expansion modules
  • ECU Interface
  • 5 KHz total sampling frequency
  • USB cable for data download
  • Memory: 16 Mb
  • External power: 8-16 V
  • System dimensions: 105 x 40 x 33 mm
  • Weight: 240g
  • Waterproof

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