AiM EVO5 Data Logger with GPS

Powerful, high-value data logger with CAN connectivity and SD card for countless possibilities and immediate access for crew and coaches

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  • Two digital outputs, 37 pin and 22 pin
  • CAN, OBD, K-Line ECU and other inputs
  • Internal SD card
  • Connect to laptop via WiFi or cable
  • Expandable to use with other AiM products
The EVO5 is more than an evolution of its predecessor EVO4/EVO4S. The 5 employs two Motorsport connectors in place of the previous thirteen Binder ports. This puts it more inline with more modern wiring harnesses as well as providing a more solid connection. Use the EVO5 as the basis for a basic or extensive data analysis package.

Use the EVO5 as a central data hub - center storage for inputs such as CAN and ECU data, SmartyCam, GPS, Lambda data, and other data sources. The EVO5 has 8 analog and 4 wheel speed inputs. Make use of its 4gb of internal memory plus an additional slot for an SD card (included). Export these signals to an AiM GS-Dash or to your laptop for review and analysis.

AiM's EVO5 Data Acquisition System is a powerful, high-value data logger with CAN connectivity for countless possibilities. This system gives the driver key information for the best vehicle and driving-technique tuning with fully configurable analog channels, integrated GPS module, and a tri-axial accelerometer. The EVO5 provides all information coming from sensors together with data derived from the ECU, as well as four wheel speeds.

Thanks to its compact dimensions (115x47x59 mm), AiM's EVO5 fits easily. The integrated accelerometer and gyroscope work best when placed in a central position of the car (ideally in the vehcile's center of gravity). The digital outputs connect to all AiM products, including dashes, Formula steering wheel, and additional devices, such as TC Hub, thermocouples multiplier, Channel Expansion, channels multiplier, LCU-ONE lambda controller, etc. Plus, AiM's EVO5 can be connected via WiFi or cable for easy and immediate data download and transfer to a PC for instant access by crew and coaches.

EVO5 is supplied with AiM's Race Studio 3 software, the powerful tool for configuration and analysis that allows the user to customize the logger according to their needs and to display all data on a PC in tables, graphs, histograms, etc.

ECU connection CAN, RS232, or K-Line
External modules connection GPS Module, Channel Expansion, TC Hub, Lambda controller, SmartyCam HD
Analog inputs 8 fully configurable: 0-5V, 0-12V, K thermocouples. Max freq 1 KHz each
Digital inputs Coil RPM and 4 speed inputs
Inertial platform Internal 3 axis ±5G accelerometer + 3 axis gyro
Digital outputs 2, up to 1 A each
Second CAN Yes
WiFi connection Yes
Internal memory 4GB
SD card Internal: up to 128GB
Connectors 2 Motorsport
Body Anodized aluminum
LEDs 1 system status
Dimensions 114.4x47.2x58.8 mm
Weight 300g
Waterproof IP65

In The Box:
EVO5, SD card, 37-pin Motorsport harness (with pigtails), USB cable, GPS08 module, 4 meter GPS cord, Race Studio 3 software CD
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