AiM MXm Compact Dash & Data Logger

Compact LCD dash display and logger packed with hardware and features

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The BimmerWorld View: The latest MXm is an extremely capable full racing dash! Updates from the latest SOLO 2 combined with more data sources and a compact size make this an extremely impressive dash and data logger and a small package.  Lighter than ever before the MXm gives you a solid compliment of both car and driver data in a permanently-mounted dash interface. Intended for advanced track drivers and racers who are ready to step up from a handheld device to a full dash. 

Principal Features:
  • compact size - 137mm x 88.4mm (5.39"x3.48")
  • wide range of digital or analog data sources 
  • high contrast LCD display with 7 color backgrounds
  • programmable LED shift lights
  • customizable data display and layout
  • internal GPS receiver
  • WiFi connection to laptop
  • SmartyCam connection
  • Power outputs for running accessories from the dash
  • So. Much. More.
We are hugely excited about this latest AiM dash because it's the full AiM suite of products in one compact dash unit. Combine a AiM SOLO 2 with an AiM dash and you have this.

The MXm dash can sample data from multiple sources when connected to the AiM Data Hub (sold separately) - ECU (CAN, RS232, K-Line, or racing ECUs), digital (speed, RPM, GPS), and traditional analog. MXm also samples from its own internal three-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer. Math channels calculate things like gear position and brake bias pressure. Over 2,000 race tracks around the world are available to sync via GPS.

The MXm can be configured to display all types of data for review. Create custom pages and page styles, choose data and define the scale and measuring units. And all data can be sent to AiM's Race Studio 3 software, which is free to download. Sync your MXm with Race Studio to download and analyze your performance as well as change configurations and set alarms.

Additional Technical Specifications
Display268x x 128 pixels
Weight330 g
Backlight7 RGB colors
Connectors37 pin motorsport, 4 pin power
CAN connections2
External connectionsLambda Controller and SmartyCam HD
Analog inputsx 4, max 1,000Hz each
Digital inputs3 - 2 speed, 1 coil RPM
Internal memory4GB

We will be adding the MXm to our own personal toolbox of data systems in the near future.

Included: MXm unit, USB cable, 37-pin motorsport harness, power cable, Race Studio 3 disc software.
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