BMW M Mobility Kit - Emergency Tire Repair & Air Compressor Kit

Designed for cars without a spare tire, but handy for emergencies on any BMW

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This part is listed by BMW as BMW part number 71102333674 (71-10-2-333-674) and is described as BMW M Mobility Kit - Emergency Tire Repair and Air Compressor Kit. 

Does your BMW have a spare tire? If your BMW is 2006 or newer, chances are you don't! On cars that didn't include a spare or Run-Flat tires, this handy tool kit was BMWs answer for what to do if you had a flat. 

It includes a 12 volt powered air compressor that plugs into your accessory port. Combined with the special tire sealant, this can allow you to temporarily repair minor damage to a tire enough to get you to s service station. While a complete blow out will have you calling for a flat bed, a minor puncture or leak can be tended to and get you back on the road. 

While this kit was originally designed for cars without a spare, we have found this handy to have in the trunk for any BMW, even if you have a spare. The ability to seal and inflate a tire while on the road is a great benefit for any vehicle. 

Not designed for use with Run-Flat tires. 


- BMW Compressor with Integrated Tire Sealant Bottle
- Filling Hose
- Universal Adapter
- Bicycle Adapter
- Ball Adapter
- Manual Manometer
- Nylon Gloves
- Operating Instructions
- Nylon Carry Case with Embroidered BMW Logo

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