BimmerWorld GT4-style Front Camber Plates - F8X M3/M4

Unconventional but effective camber plates for eye-mount dampers

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These racing F8X camber & caster plates are modeled after the front strut and camber plate used on the M4 GT4 race cars - with some BimmerWorld tweaks to have added adjustments. These are configured for an eye-mount front strut top (not the traditional pin mount).

While "unconventional" for BMW applications, the eye mount has several advantages over traditional "pin style" mounts.
The eye mount can be mounted at any point on the underside of the camber plate. This is key to position the strut for wider wheel clearance. When used with the appropriate dampers as a package with various other components, the tire>strut clearance is increased to allow much wider wheels and tires.
Camber is no longer limited by the bodywork of the car. With pin mounts there can be limited travel for the camber adjustment before the pin or slider touches the strut tower.
The entire package becomes simpler. There is no bearing, less hardware, and fewer moving parts. There is nearly zero maintenance required for this camber plate. The entire plate is stronger as well since there is no longer a hole through the middle for the strut shaft. Nothing protrudes into the engine compartment either. It's easier to disassemble or remove components for service.

The only struts we're aware of that will work with this setup is the factory GT4 Ohlins damper or our GTMore MCS damper. These camber plates are specific to the eye-mount and cannot be used to convert your traditional pin struts to eye mount.

Camber is adjusted the same as traditional pin-style plates. Loosen three screws and slide the top of the damper to your desired setting. Another unique feature to these camber plates is the use of "pill spacers" to lock in and secure your camber settings. These are included as a batch of different length aluminum spacers. Once your camber is set, insert one of these pills into the camber plate where it will help lock the alignment in place.

Caster is adjusted using the spacers on the upper damper bearing. There are three different caster settings, depending on the combination of spacers you use. No need for a separate sliding mechanism for caster.

GTMore Camber Plate features:
  • No cutting or modification required for install or use*
  • CNC machined aluminum plates
  • Anodized or plated components for corrosion resistance
  • Fast alignment adjustments
  • Caster adjustable via offset spacers
  • Camber adjustment "pills" to help secure camber settings
  • Aerospace-grade materials
  • Virtually zero wear or maintenance
  • Eye-mount specific hardware included
* 3-bolt vs 5-bolt: some early M3/M4 models use a 3-bolt front strut mount. This camber plate has been designed to use the later 5-bolt layout. For the earlier 3-bolt strut towers we recommend drilling two new holes per strut to make full use of the 5-bolt design.

About GTMore
We raced the F82 M4 GT4 in IMSA and SRO series for six years, achieving multiple wins and podiums. But the GT4 was a homologated model - tightly regulated by the series to balance performance with its competitors. In the interest of parity they gave the M4 generous brakes and tire sizes but reigned in the horsepower - rules limited it to five power levels with the highest being 500 crank hp. Innovation and curiosity is in our DNA so we wondered: "How much more performance is left in the GT4 platform if we removed the series restrictions? Can we build a street M4 with more speed than the GT4?" And the GTMore idea was born... Click here for the full GTMore build.

BMW Fitments:

3 Series
F80 (15-19) > M3
4 Series
F82 (15-21) > M4
F82 (15-21) > M4 GT4
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