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BimmerWorld TA16 18x10 Forged Wheel Set (Gloss Black) - E46 M3, E9X M3, F8X M3/M4

18x10" Gloss Black forged square set for track or race

Special Deal! Use Code FREESHIP for free UPS in the lower 48!

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An 18x10" wheel is the perfect size for a track wheel set for E46 M3, E90 E92 M3, E82 1M, and F80 M3* and F82 M4*. Since understeer is built-in thanks to a narrower front tire, adding more rubber in the front is the simplest and most straight-forward way to reduce it. Our TE:AL (Technical Alloy) alloy wheel is constructed as a true forged piece, not "semi-forged" or "flow-forged". A fully forged wheel is stronger and lighter than cast wheels (a semi-forged wheel is still cast). The BimmerWorld racing team has been using forged wheels in multiple types of racing and we're convinced that forged wheels have greater all-around benefits than cast wheels. Because these are our own proprietary wheel, we're able to offer them at roughly half the cost of other forged race wheels in the BMW market!

Video: TA16 Square Set Fitment on E46 M3

Video courtesy of Sean54 on YouTube.

The BimmerWorld TA16 wheel is 18x10.0" with a ET25 offset and weighs less than 19lbs. The 16 spokes and barrel design leave generous room for big brakes - up to 380mm. These will clear the cast-iron brakes on the M3/M4! BimmerWorld wheels utilize the most advanced wheel design and manufacturing techniques available in the world to make the strongest, lightest wheel possible. Through careful design using CAD and FEA we were able to trim material to make a lighter wheel without sacrificing strength. We also incorporated several unique features normally found on high-end race wheels - knurled bead seat to minimize the wheel spinning inside the tire and a reverse-mount feature that makes it easier for race tires to be mounted from the backside of the wheel.

Key Features:

  • Ridged cross-spoke design and internal outer-barrel strengthening rib for ultimate strength, rigidity/camber stiffness, and durability
  • Massive Caliper Clearance - 18" versions fit up to 380mm brakes
  • Pocketed center pad to minimize weight without compromising strength
  • Machined from T6061 aluminum forgings, produced with an industry-leading 10,000 ton press for optimized grain flow
  • Shot peened and heat treated for exacting strength and increased durability
  • Gloss finish is easy to clean
  • Knurled bead seat to minimize tire slippage with higher-powered cars and under heavy braking
  • Accepts BMW factory center cap (not included)
  • Optimal tire sizes: 265/35-18, 275/35-18, 285/35-18
  • Reverse mount
  • Tested above JWL standards and VIA certified
  • Limited lifetime warranty

BimmerWorld TA16 wheels have gone through rigorous testing and certification by JWL/VIA and proven at all levels of competitive racing, including years of wheel-to-wheel (literally) IMSA pro racing.

General Fitment Note: these are sold as a race-fitment only and rubbing with bodywork or on suspension may occur depending on tire choice and suspension settings. We cannot verify fitment with every combination of wheel-tire-suspension. Verification of wheel fitment is the responsibility of the customer. Please contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns. Returns are limited to quality issues only.

Note: We have sized these wheels so they should not require spacers for most applications. However, when spacers are necessary pay close attention to the fitment of the spacer to the inside of the wheel. The spacer must sit completely flush to the back of the wheel with zero gap. Our wheels are not compatible with 10mm spacers. For 12mm spacers check fitment closely as the chamfer on the spacer may not fit with the wheel. Use the paper test to confirm.

* Fitment for 2015+ F8X M3/M4: this set uses 18x10" ET25 wheels which is a great fit on the front of F8X but aggressive on the rear. The rear tire is more likely to contact the fender, even with additional camber, alignment, and ride height adjustments. Although this is a common size and offset in the industry we prefer the 18x10" ET33 with a spacer in the front. With the +33 offset we get a better fit in the rear and no issues in the front with the spacers. Please contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns.

BMW Fitments:

1 Series
E82 (11-13) > M Coupe
2 Series
F22 (14-19) > M235i Racing
F22 (14-19) > M240i Racing
3 Series
E46 (01-06) > M3
3 Series
E90 / E92 / E93 (08-13) > M3
3 Series
F80 (15-19) > M3
4 Series
F82 / F83 (15-20) > M4

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