BimmerWorld E9X M3 Carbon Splitter/Undertray without Brake Ducts

Full-width track splitter for serious front downforce on your E9X M3

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The BimmerWorld View - This BimmerWorld-exclusive E90/E92 M3 front splitter (not the same as GT4) is a direct bolt-on and more effective upgrade than even the original GT4 splitter or its various incarnations. This piece has been engineered in the BimmerWorld race shops to fit better with the bumper and undertray and provide more downforce. Front downforce is hard to create on a sedan-based car, but our aero components are fully focused on performance and track functionality.

Our BimmerWorld E90/E92 M3 Carbon Splitter/Undertray was created to balance the huge downforce levels generated, even at low speeds, from our Carbon GT Race Wing. The GT4's shortcoming is that it was designed for a small rear wing. This basically limits it to a street/mild track accessory. The BW M3 splitter has greater surface area thanks to a deeper lip and a wider profile that hugs the front spoiler better. This splitter is intended as a track/race part and reduces ground clearance. It can be used on the street with additional preparation*.

BimmerWorld E92 M3 Splitter Features -

  • Effective - To make more downforce for true performance, instead of a semi-cosmetic part, we've maximized the width and undertray sections. It's wider than the GT4 by about 1.75" per side. Maximum extension provides high levels of downforce, while an integrated undertray maximizes efficiency by shaping and transitioning airflow under the car into the factory plastic panels for a flat-bottom effect. Our design is also more effective by extending into the brake/cooler ducts to eliminate open seams on both sides. This splitter can also be combined with our E9X M3 Whiskers or Dive Planes for better airflow and downforce.
  • Light Weight - True carbon fiber material makes this light weight and strong. The complete piece with hardware weighs 8 pounds. Reducing weight in front of the front tires has a huge positive effect on handling.
  • Durable - No material is going to hold up indefinitely when crashing over curbs. This splitter is a good compromise between functionality and form. This splitter reduces ground clearance by only half an inch (only slightly lower than the felt lips that stick down in front of your front tires). The height typically withstands off-track excursions without major damage.
  • High Quality - The undertray is constructed with a reinforced honeycomb composite core that is extremely stiff. It's manufactured in the USA by a composites specialist with experience in ALMS, IMSA, SRO, and other top-level racing series. These parts will take a beating!
  • Repairable - In the event of damage, this piece can be repaired (send pictures for quote).

* - this piece is intended as a competition-only part. To use this for a street car requires additional prep work and consideration. Further work includes, but is not limited to: vehicle ride height, surface prep before painting or vinyl, and UV-resistant clearcoat. Those are street-only attributes not considered necessary for competition and racing use.

The BimmerWorld M3 splitter is offered in two versions - with or without brake duct openings. This is the non-ducted version and is perfect for race cars that have installed our Carbon Fiber Brake Ducts and do not need additional brake ducting. The blank version may also perform better without the ducts.

Made in the USA!

BimmerWorld race carbon parts are designed solely to improve performance. Surface finish and appearance are not priorities in our racing parts. Carbon may be unfinished or sometimes with a minimal clearcoat (for UV protection). You will not find high gloss finishes here for style points. If your priorities are a show car shine there is no shortage of cheaper carbon-wrapped fiberglass or plastic pieces on the market. These are usually loaded with fiberglass, filler, resin, and many clearcoat layers that make them too heavy or not rigid enough for real world competition use. If you wish to apply a finish we suggest vinyl wrap or a light filler skim coat and then paint. In any case, professional prep and installation are strongly advised.

BMW Fitments:
3 Series
E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 (06-13) > M3
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