Alcon CR6420 380 Front Racing Brake Kit - E9X M3 & E82 1M

Front, 6-piston ultra-premium motorsport brake kit for E9X M3

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Alcon 380mm 6-piston Racing Brake Kit for E9X M3 and E82 1M features -
  • 380x36mm slotted rotors
  • 6-piston CR6420 forged calipers
  • Forged caliper brackets
  • Stainless brake lines
  • Fits under 18" wheels*
  • Co-developed with BimmerWorld Racing
This Alcon brake kit was developed with input from BimmerWorld. The goal was to produce a race-ready brake package with ultra-premium components that fits with an 18" wheel. Alcon is a factory supplier to BMW Motorsport as well as many other top-level GT, Touring Car, and LMP teams. These brakes are designed as track/race use only - no considerations for street use have been implemented. This is a "zero compromise" approach that BimmerWorld takes with all race-level parts. A matching rear kit is available and should be used for maximum effect.

Rotors - The 380mm two-piece rotors are the Alcon Advantage curved-slot design. They feature a floating hat assembly with anti-rattle clips included (optional use). The Advantage disc is cast and machined in the USA and uses a turbulator vane design to more-efficiently pump air through the disc. Alcon uses a proprietary iron with high carbon and copper content that has exceptional thermal stability and high strength from low weight. These rotors come pre-bedded with pad material so no bedding process is required.

CR6420 calipers - The 6-piston GT/Touring Car calipers are forged from aerospace-grade billet aluminum. Dry weight is just 7.37lbs without pads. Forged two-piece calipers are extremely stiff, which translates into greater confidence in braking and optimum performance. Pad knock-back springs are included. The stainless pistons do not use dust seals so these brakes should not be used for street use**.

Pads - Pads are not standard equipment with this kit. A wide variety of pads are available. The caliper uses a industry-standard shape in a 25mm thickness.
Pad part numbers: Alcon 4489, PFC 7790, Pagid 1539, Hawk 109x.980, Ferodo FRP3003, and Wilwood 8825.

* - This kit has been designed to fit under 18" wheels! BimmerWorld has confirmed fitment for our TA5R wheels (no spacers!), TA16 (10-12mm spacer recommended), APEX FL-5 (no spacers!), APEX EC-7 (10-12mm spacer recommended), and APEX ARC8 (clears but not recommended due to barrel clearance).

** - To get the specs we wanted, dust seals have been deleted from the caliper design. We strongly advise against using these brakes for regular street use.

BMW Fitments:
1 Series
E82 / E88 (08-13) > 1M (11-12)
3 Series
E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 (06-13) > M3
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