StopTech Sport Pads for StopTech ST22 (2 Piston), E21 320i/323i

High performance street pads for enthusiast drivers

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StopTech Sport pads for the StopTech ST22 calipers and E21 320i/323i deliver stopping power you demand for fast road use, autocross, or even light track days. Formerly known as the Street Performance brand. The Sport compound comes standard on all StopTech Big Brake Kits.

The notion of an "aggressive" brake is misunderstood. Brake pads are formulated for the type of driving you do. StopTech Sport pads are for drivers who brake late, smooth, and hard, even on the street. They require a little bit of heat, but not as much as full track/race pads, to work properly. Once at operating temperature they are quiet and stop better than any OEM pad out there. Brake dust is moderate and well below OEM BMW brake pads.

StopTech Sport Pad Attributes -
  • Engineered for higher temperature ranges than OEM pads
  • Excellent stopping power (torque) at optimum temps
  • High fade resistance
  • Strong initial bite
  • Smooth Actuation, Modulation, and Release at optimum temps
  • Low-moderate dust
  • Easy on rotors and very good pad wear rates
These Sport pads work best for weekend fun cars. When used for daily driving or commuting be prepared for more noise and wear unless they get to their optimum temperature range. For daily commuting we recommend the StopTech Street, Hawk Ceramic, Hawk HPS 5.0, or OEM pads which are better engineered for low friction levels.

Note for E21 320i/323i: the 309.09610 and 309.01740 are interchangeable for E21 brakes but the 961 pads are 3mm thinner (less pad material but lighter weight).

BMW Fitments:

3 Series
E21 (75-83) > 320i
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