OEM PLUS Brake Kit - Rear - E9X 335i 335is 335d 335xi (Late)

Rear replacement brake package with OEM brake rotors and DFC low-dust street pads.

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BimmerWorld “OEM Plus” Brake Replacement Kits are designed for use in daily-driver applications where the customer is looking for premium quality components and a reduction in brake dust.  

Only for cars with a production date 3/2010 and later

What is in the box?

  • (1) Rear Brake Pad Set: DFC 5000 Series Street Brake Pads. This brake pad set is designed to minimize brake dust while providing excellent initial “bite” and very quiet operation.
  • (2) Rear OEM Brake Rotors:  Zinc-coated Brake Discs from an original-equipment manufacturer.  
  • (1) Rear Brake Pad Sensor Wire
  • (2) Rotor Retaining Screws

About DFC 5000 Series Brake Pads: Designed just for European applications, DFC 5000 Low-Dust Brake Pads are formulated to provide optimal and reliable stopping performance, excellent fade resistance, low dust, and stable friction performance across a wide temperature range.

About OEM Brake Rotors: Our OEM Brake Rotors are a great option for customers looking for a direct equivalent to the car’s original equipment. We typically source OEM brake rotors from ATE, Balo, Pilenga, and Zimmermann.  These brake rotors are zinc-coated to prevent corrosion and to maintain good aesthetics. 

Our brake package uses the same replacement brake rotors from the same manufacturers as BMW dealers use to service your car. The big difference is that we're able to offer these parts for a substantial savings from the dealer markup price. As an independent company we're able to buy our parts from multiple OEM suppliers whereas BMW dealers must buy their parts from BMW. We're able to shop from different vendors which gets you a better price while still maintaining original quality. You don't have to pay high prices at the dealer to get the same quality and performance!

BMW Fitments: 

3 Series - Only for cars with a production date 3/2010 and later

E90 (3/2010-2011) > 335d
E90 (3/2010-2011) > 335i
E90  (3/2010-2011) > 335xi (335i xDrive)

E92 / E93 (3/2010-2013) > 335i
E92 / E93 (3/2010-2013) > 335is
E92 / E93 (3/2010-2013) > 335xi (335i xDrive)
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