E36 6-Line BimmerWorld V3 Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit

Premium Teflon & Stainless DOT-approved complete brake line kit

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Stainless steel brake lines for E36 318i/323i/325i/328i and M3 models to upgrade all of the rubber lines on the E36 to Teflon/stainless. Line ends are a heavy-duty steel with swaged line fittings that provide a secure connection. In our years of experience in racing and the performance BMW industry, we have seen several specific failures from typical stainless brake lines. Our fittings are designed to eliminate the common stress/failure point.

All of our BimmerWorld V3 lines are tested to at least 4,500psi, and tagged with our DOT approval number. The DOT stamp on each of our lines ensures that every line is made and tested to DOT standards, not just "made to DOT standards" or "DOT compliant" like many other brands.

NOTE: Like any car part or performance part, brake lines are not indestructible, and will age and fatigue. Extreme heat from track use will degrade all types of brake lines the quickest but there are other elements that will contribute to wear. To avoid serious injury, or worse, we recommend inspecting all brake components regularly and replacing lines every 100 hours of track use (typically 2-4 years). Also, never let the brake caliper hang from just the brake line.

Our stainless line sets include all necessary brackets, grommets, and sealing washers. Custom line sets also available, including axle sets to complement big-brake kits and AN lines for racing applications - please inquire.

*E36 323iC/323is/328i/328iC/328is models made after 12/1997 use a 4 line kit with only 2 lines in the rear of the car (1 per side). Please verify which set your car uses if you have any doubts.
BMW Fitments:

3 Series

E36 (92-95) > 318i M42
E36 (96-97) > 318i M44
E36 (92-95) > 318ic M42
E36 (96-97) > 318ic M44
E36 (92-95) > 318is M42
E36 (96-97) > 318is M44
E36 (96-12/97) > 323ic
E36 (96-12/97) > 323is
E36 (92-95) > 325i
E36 (92-95) > 325ic
E36 (92-95) > 325is
E36 (96-12/97) > 328i
E36 (96-12/97) > 328ic
E36 (96-12/97) > 328is
E36 (95) > M3 (1995)
E36 (96-99) > M3 (96-99)
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