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CSF Race Radiator & Cooler Bundle - F87 M2 N55 DCT

Full suite of coolers and radiators for M2 DCT

Cyber Monday Deal! Price Includes Extra 15% OFF thru 12/4/2022!

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All of the radiators and coolers for a F87 M2 DCT cooling system upgrade and overhaul. When they don't want to gamble on a race car's cooling system many of the top racers turn to CSF. No other company provides as wide a range of cooling upgrades as CSF. This is not a "like-for-like" replacement approach. CSF has their own cooling fin design, 3D scanning technology, and a depth of motorsport experience that others cannot match. Each CSF piece is a premium high performance component with a level of quality and craftsmanship that is usually found in products with a much higher price point.

Note: this package is intended for race-prepped M2 cars that have had some of the street-car comfort features removed, such as the A/C condenser and associated plumbing. While patterned after stock parts some minor trimming or modification may be required on other stock parts for clearance purposes. This is the trade-off to be expected for maximum cooling effectiveness.

CSF Triple-Pass Race-Spec Radiator. Aluminum radiator for is a factory replacement using all factory shrouding, clip-on hoses, and mounting points. This racing radiator is designed to fit with the A/C condenser removed. With the condenser removed all other parts are a direct fit, including OEM hoses, mounting brackets, and fan shroud. CSF uses new technology packed into a compact two-row design for better cooling capacity without the added weight. More efficient B-tubes have greater surface area for cooling (15% cooling capacity increase in fin technology alone) and a precision multi-louvered fin to increase heat rejection performance and surface area contact. Additionally, this CSF part has more total cooling tubes, and a three-pass flow design for maximum cooling in race environments and extreme driving conditions.

Genuine BMW Remote Auxiliary Radiator. This is the small radiator located in the left/driver's side bumper and provides additional coolant capacity and cooling surface area.

CSF Race-Spec Oil Cooler. The CSF engine oil cooler is a larger core along with a piggyback cooler that sits behind the primary for an additional 6 rows of cooling and another half-quart of oil capacity. The better cooling performance reduces the potential for temperature-related faults and limp mode encountered during track events. CSF saw a 40° improvement in oil temp on a 115° test day. They actually experienced limp mode during testing of the stock cooler which was remedied with the install of the CSF 2-Core system. No modification is required for install - reuses all of the factory connections, mounting points, and shrouding. New oil line o-rings included.

CSF DCT Oil Cooler. The better cooling reduces the potential for a DCT-related failure or interruption. The CSF has double the number of tubes than the stock cooler, allowing it to be a true dual pass cooler where the oil passes through more cooling surfaces to further reduce temperatures. Hot oil such as from track driving can send DCT oil temperatures over the limit and force a shut down or limp mode. This CSF DCT cooler reduces the potential for that and let's you get on with your track day.

CSF Front Intercooler. CSF FMIC is two intercoolers merged into one larger unit. The standard oversized intercooler is enhanced by a taller intercooler in front. This maximizes the available surface area in the front bumper but does not require any modifications for installation. It uses all of the factory connections and install points for a plug and play fitment. 3D scanning and rapid prototyping allowed CSF to take advantage of the available exposure. A bar and plate design has excellent cooling capability which makes this ideal for street cars. New o-rings included.

Notice of Emissions Non-Compliance. This product is intended only for vehicles that may never be used, or registered or licensed for use, upon a public highway. Removing, disabling, or altering emissions equipment on a pollution-controlled road vehicle is illegal. Installing devices or software that trick, disable, or modify emissions controls and monitors on a pollution-controlled road vehicle is also illegal. This product is sold only for racing, competition, track, hobby, or other off-road use. It is not legal for installation or use in California on any pollution controlled motor vehicle. It is not legal for installation or use on any pollution controlled motor vehicle in any state, province, or jurisdiction governed by, or which has adopted, CARB or EPA regulations. Some suppliers have shipping exceptions to certain states or territories, requiring extra delivery time. We will advise you of any delays.

BMW Fitments:

2 Series
F87 (16-18) > M2
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