Radiator & Hose Upgrade Kit, CSF - F3X 335i/435i M Sport

Overhaul of both engine radiators with CSF aluminum and hoses on 335i/435i M Sport

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Kit includes:
7078 (17118672103), CSF main radiator
17117628057, auxiliary remote radiator
17127627101, crossover hose
17127604542, upper radiator hose
17128570061, cooling vent hose to expansion tank
17127609160, vent pipe clips (x2)
17127627104, oil heat exchanger hose
17127627102, auxiliary water pump hose to aux radiator
17117639020, expansion cap

This package includes an aluminum CSF radiator and OEM aux radiator with associated hoses for 2012-2015 F30 335i and F32 435i models with the P337 M Sport package. This optional package added a radiator to the left side bumper duct as a remote/auxiliary cooling radiator and expanded capacity. Non-M Sport models did not have this extra radiator.

CSF uses new technology packed into a compact two-row design for better cooling capacity without the added weight. More efficient B-tubes have greater surface area for cooling (15% cooling capacity increase in fin technology alone) and a precision multi-louvered fin to increase heat rejection performance and surface area contact. Additionally, this CSF part has more total cooling tubes, and a three-pass flow design for maximum cooling in race environments and extreme driving conditions. These technical features all contribute to improved cooling efficiency over OE-type performance upgrades, as well as other standard "performance" aluminum tanked radiators which are nothing more than aluminum tanks on a traditional stock core. No permanent modifications required to fit this radiator - it works with all of your factory cooling and A/C components.

Avoiding a blown radiator and overheating is one of the best ways to ensure long life for your N55 engine. We find a preventative approach is best on the F30/F32 cooling system. If one critical part fails (like your radiator) it will likely shorten the lifespan of the other related items, and the labor to change one or two critical cooling components is nearly the same to overhaul the entire cooling system.

If you have a coolant leak from one or both radiators it might be wise to overhaul the entire radiator system and replace both plus the hoses. You do not always have to replace hoses but there's enough parts in this kit that it feels like a big overhaul. Since the bumper may come off to do this job it's best to service the whole system to avoid duplicating work.

This package includes the primary hoses attached to each radiator. There are more but we had to draw the line somewhere. Contact us if you'd like to add hoses or other parts to this kit. Other items like the thermostat (connected directly to the radiator), electric water pump, auxiliary water pump, and other hoses can also be replaced depending on the scope of your project. Coolant is also sold separately but adds shipping cost.

BMW Fitments:

3 Series
F30 (12-15) > 335i M Sport Sedan
4 Series
F32 (14-15) > 435i M Sport Coupe
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