Lower Radiator Hose, OEM, Rein - E46 323i/325i/328i/330i

Stock replacement hose for your radiator - replace before it fails

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This Lower Radiator Hose is a stock replacement for your E46 323i/325i/328i/330i including 325xi/330xi. Rubber hoses are ideal when new, as they allow some movement and flexibility during driving. The only problem is that they begin to degrade as they age, and can eventually fail, leaving you with the potential for loss of control from coolant spilling and/or an overheating situation.

Replace your radiator hoses as a preventative measure before they fail in order to save you from further headaches and expenses.

The lower radiator hose on the E46 also contains the coolant temperature sensor, which is sold separately. We strongly recommend a new sensor or new sensor o-ring to avoid a leak from worn o-ring. See Related Items below.

This is an OEM E46 lower radiator hose manufactured by either Rein or Gates - both are original suppliers to BMW for many cooling system components. As an OEM part it meets all of BMW's original design, fitment, and performance requirements and is TUV approved. OEM parts are the best alternative to more expensive Original BMW parts because they are virtually identical without the inflated price tag. This part has a two year warranty.

BMW Fitments:
3 Series
E46 (99-05) > 320i
E46 (99-05) > 323Ci
E46 (99-05) > 323i
E46 (99-05) > 325Ci
E46 (99-05) > 325i
E46 (99-05) > 325xi
E46 (99-05) > 328Ci
E46 (99-05) > 328i
E46 (99-05) > 330Ci
E46 (99-05) > 330i
E46 (99-05) > 330xi
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