Engine Radiator Overhaul Kit, OEM - F87 M2 N55

Overhaul of both engine radiators and hoses on M2 N55

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Kit includes:
17118672103, main engine radiator
17127604542, upper radiator hose
17127627104, lower radiator hose
17128570061, radiator vent hose to expansion tank
17127609160, vent hose clips (x2)
17118625447, remote auxiliary radiator
17127853793, radiator transfer hose

This package includes both front radiators and associated hoses for 2016-2018 F87 M2. If you have a coolant leak from one or both radiators it might be wise to overhaul the entire radiator system and replace both plus the hoses. You do not always have to replace hoses but there's enough parts in this kit that it feels like a big overhaul. Since the bumper may come off to do this job it's best to service the whole system to avoid duplicating work. All parts in this package are Genuine BMW or OEM.

There is one additional hose that we did not include - 17122409077. This is a complicated hose with multiple connections - oil heat exchanger, thermostat, aux radiator, and heater core inlet. It's a large hose that is not as simple to replace so we made it optional. Now would be the best time to replace it but we'll leave it up to you. See Related Items below.

Coolant is sold separately - see links below.

Tip: check the right side oil cooler as well for leaks.

BMW Fitments:

2 Series
F87 (16-18) > M2
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