Transmission Mount, OEM - E34 525i/535i/M5, E39 525i/528i/530i/540i/M5, E32 735i

OEM-type replacement transmission mount. Direct replacement for BMW part #22316771221

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Specific fitment details:
E34 525i M20 manual
E34 535i/M5 manual
E39 525i/528i/530i manual
E39 525i/528i/530i 97-3/2001 automatic
E39 540i/M5 manual
E32 735i manual

A failed transmission mount on E34, E39, and E32 can lead to serious problems, including missed shifts (on manual transmission cars), too much drivetrain movement, premature failure of engine and differential mounts, stress on driveshaft u-joints and flex discs, unwanted vibration, and more. Fortunately change the engine mount is a fairly simple task, especially on this mount which uses a very simple design.

This is an OEM transmission mount manufactured by an original supplier to BMW for this part, as well as many other mounts and bushings. As the OEM it meets all of BMW's original design, fitment, and performance requirements and is TUV approved. OEM parts are the best alternative to more expensive Original BMW parts because they are virtually identical without the inflated price tag. This part has a two year warranty.

BMW Fitments:
5 Series
E34 (89-95) > 525i M20
E34 (89-95) > 535i
E34 (89-95) > M5 (91-95)
5 Series
E39 (97-03) > 525i
E39 (97-03) > 528i 97-98
E39 (97-03) > 528i 99-00
E39 (97-03) > 530i
E39 (97-03) > 540i
E39 (97-03) > M5 (00-03)
7 Series
E32 (88-94) > 735i
E32 (88-94) > 735iL
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