Clutch Kit, Sachs - E30 325e -9/85, E28 528e 9/83-9/85

OEM Clutch Kit with Clutch Disc, Pressure Plate, Release Bearing replaces BMW part #21211223119

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This is the OEM replacement clutch kit for E30 325e up to 9/1985 and E28 528e from 9/1983 to 9/1985. A clutch kit includes all of the components of the clutch assembly - disc (21211223643), pressure plate (21211223026), and throw-bearing (release bearing) (21517521471).

This clutch is from Sachs, the original supplier to BMW for this part. The performance, engagement, release, and lifespan will be identical to a new BMW clutch. This OEM clutch will deliver original levels of smoothness and grip - exactly the characteristics you want in a clutch used on the street.

This clutch uses components that are partially made from recycled materials. This is known as a remanufactured or rebuilt kit, and is a common practice with organic clutch materials. Even a clutch purchased from BMW directly may also be remanufactured. Note that this does not mean it's a greasy, worn-out used part! It only means that the organic material in the clutch disc, and possibly other components, have come from a recycled source. Using recycled materials lowers the overall product cost and is better for the environment. Sachs stands behind the part with a two year warranty.

Additional items should also be replaced as part of the "while you're in there" work. This includes, but is not limited to, exhaust gaskets, transmission seals and bushings, driveshaft mounts, pilot bearing, and the rear main seal. In addition, the condition of the flywheel will be unknown until exposed with the clutch removed. Some flywheels may be resurfaced, however, it's not guaranteed. In the case of dual-mass flywheels, the typical replacement interval is every other clutch change (but sometimes sooner). Ordering the basic clutch kit is usually first on a long list of parts to replace at the same time.

This clutch kit is manufactured by SACHS, a division of ZF and one of the original suppliers to BMW for clutch, driveline components, and more. Their clutch kits are nearly identical to the kit you buy from a BMW dealer, including all components and materials. SACHS has a passion for innovation, combined with accumulated expertise as a Tier 1 OE supplier to achieve the highest possible quality. The SACHS company has been in operation since 1894. A two year warranty is included.

Detailed Fitment Info ** Please read carefully! **

E30 325: up to 9/1985 production date
E30 325e: up to 9/1985 production date
E28 528e: from 9/1983 to 9/1985 production dates

BMW Fitments:

3 Series
E30 (84-91) > 325e
E30 (84-91) > 325es
5 Series
E28 (82-88) > 528e
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