SMG Pump Electric Motor, Relay, Fuse Kit (New), MLR - E46 M3

New motor can be traced to most SMG trouble

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New motor for the SMG pump in E46 M3. A failed, or failing, motor is one of the biggest causes of SMG pump failure. The motor can fail on its own (like any other electric motor) or it may be working harder to create pressure due to some other problem. If your motor is confirmed bad this is an excellent alternative to buying a new pump assembly. But consider the causes of why it went bad or you can have similar motor issues quickly after.

Multiple fault codes can be related to a failed motor:
56 (0x38) Switching-on time of hydraulic unit
53 (0x35) low level of pressure reached HE
57 (0x39) Misuse of hydraulic unit
55 (0x37) Switching-on frequency of hydraulic unit

Motor kit includes:
High torque DC motor - proper output to generate the 90bar of pressure
Drive coupler
SMG relay (salmon)
40A fuse
Grease package

Installation requires de-pinning the motor positive and negative cables from the main wiring harness. De-pinning may require special electrical tool known as a "contact pin" or "Amphenol pin" removal tool. The new motor wiring has the correct BMW pins that simply snap into the empty connector.

This is a new, not rebuilt, motor so no core charge applies!

This motor has a 1 year warranty.

BMW Fitments:

3 Series
E46 (01-06) > M3
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