DCT Transmission Filter - E82 135i, E9X 335is/M3, E89 Z4 35is (GS7D36SG)

Filter for dual clutch transmission. Replaces BMW part #28107842828

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The suction filter in the DCT system should be replaced during regular servicing of the DCT transmission. The suction filter sits in the DCT oil pan and filters the fluid from contaminates. Changing the fluid will not remove the particles and fine metal shavings that will be sitting in the filter or the bottom of the oil pan.

Note: DCT fluid changes should only be done by a qualified individual or mechanic. There are specific procedures to follow for fluid change as well as clutch adaption.

This part is manufactured by an aftermarket supplier of European auto parts, including many service items. While not carrying OEM status, this part follows the design of the original very closely and uses similar materials. An aftermarket part may even have the same TUV approval as its OEM counterpart. The brand may even be OEM to another manufacturer besides BMW. This aftermarket brand has a two year warranty - the same as Genuine BMW and OEM brands.

BMW Fitments:
1 Series
E82 / E88 (08-13) > 135i N55 (11-13)
E82 / E88 (08-13) > 135is N55 (11-13)
3 Series
E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 (06-13) > 335is N54
E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 (06-13) > M3
Z Series
E89 Z4 (2009-2016) > Z4 sDrive35i
E89 Z4 (2009-2016) > Z4 sDrive35is
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