Replacement Oil Filter Cover Cap - M60/M62/S62 V8 & M70/S70 V12

A durable replacement cover for the oil filter housing on many 90's and early 2000's model V8 & V12 BMWs

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This is a high quality replacement oil filter cap / cover, for the V8 model BMWs that used the M60, M62, M62tu and S62 engines. This list of V8 powered BMWs includes the E34 530i & 540i, the E39 540i, E39 M5, the E32 740i, 740iL & 750iL, the E38 740i, 740iL & 750iL, the E31 840i, 850i & 850Csi, the X5 4.4 liter & 4.6is (2000-2003), and the BMW Z8 Roadster.  

This cap replaces BMW part # 11421736674 (11 42 1 736 674) as well as the older / obsolete part # 11421729630 (11 42 1 729 630). This cap was used for many years including 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003. 

Being made of plastic, it's usually just a matter of time before this cap develops a crack or breaks being taken off or while re-installing during an oil change. Fortunately this affordable replacement part is much less expensive than the Genuine part, but functions exactly the same. 

It it marked to show the direction the cap should be tightened on the oil filter housing, as well as the maximum torque spec (25Nm or 18 foot-pounds). 

This filter cap is manufactured by URO, an aftermarket supplier of European auto parts. While not carrying OEM status, this part follows the design of the original oil filter cap very closely, but uses a more durable material. This aftermarket brand has a two year warranty - the same as Genuine BMW and OEM brands.

BMW Fitments:

5 Series
E34 (89-95) > 530i
E34 (89-95) > 540i
5 Series
E39 (97-03) > 540i
E39 (97-03) > M5 (00-03)
7 Series
E32 (88-94) > 740i
E32 (88-94) > 740iL
E32 (88-94) > 750iL
7 Series
E38 (95-01) > 740i
E38 (95-01) > 740iL
E38 (95-01) > 750iL
8 Series
E31 (91-97) > 840Ci
E31 (91-97) > 850CSi
E31 (91-97) > 850Ci
X Series
E53 (00-06) > X5 4.4i M62 4.4L (99-03)
E53 (00-06) > X5 4.6is M62
Z Series
E52 Z8 (00-03) > Z8 Roadster (2000-2003)
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