Crankcase Vent Connecting Line, Standard, Rein - E46 323i/328i, E39 528i, Z3 2.3/2.8

Early vent hose from CCV to top of manifold

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This hose is part of the E46, E39, Z3 Crankcase Vent system on the M52TU engine. It's a complex system with multiple rubber and plastic hoses running betwee the valve cover, oil separator valve, and the intake manifold. This particular line is the main hose from the oil separator to the top of the intake manifold on cars made before 1/2000. There are two versions of the E46 CCV - standard original and a cold climate version. This hose is part of the standard system and is made by an OEM supplier to BMW. The Cold Climate CCV has foam insulation around the hoses and oil separator valve and does a better job of trapping heat inside to warm up the oil faster and prevent condensation. The cold oil leads to sludge or even ice that blocks operation of the oil separator. The Cold Climate CCV is recommended not only for colder regions but also if the car is driven very short distances (less than 10 miles) and the engine never gets to optimal temperature.

The system is responsible for separating oil from the air inside the engine and air intake. Liquid oil is returned to the oil pan while oil vapors are sent to the intake manifold to be burned up during the combustion cycle. It's also known as a a PCV, CCV, oil separator, and a cyclonic separator system. Too much oil in the intake air lowers the effective fuel octane, leads to drivability issues, and causes increased emissions. A completely blocked CCV has the potential for very serious engine failure (hydrolock) if liquid oil ends up in the intake. Signs of a failing CCV include: whistling noises in the intake, blueish smoke in the exhaust, high oil consumption, and thick white or yellow gunk under the oil cap.

A failed crankcase vent hose is rarely the only thing wrong with the system and this is a good opportunity to evaluate the rest of the system. Chances are if oil sludge is present on the inside of any of the lines that the oil separator valve will also be coated with sludge. Kits are available to overhaul the whole system.

BMW Fitments:

3 Series
E46 (99-05) > 323Ci
E46 (99-05) > 323i
E46 (99-05) > 328Ci
E46 (99-05) > 328i
5 Series
E39 (96-03) > 528i
Z Series
E36/7 / E36/8 Z3 (96-02) > Z3 2.3
E36/7 / E36/8 Z3 (96-02) > Z3 2.8
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