Rod Bearing Overhaul Kit (Basic), BMW Bearings - E60 M5, E63 M6

Bare minimum bearings, gaskets, hardware, and oil for an experienced DIY replacement

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$999.99 – $1,109.99

  • Genuine BMW rod bearings and hardware
  • OEM gaskets
  • Your choice of engine oil with an OEM filter
Rod bearing replacement is a fact of life for E60 M5 and E63 M6 owners and this kit has you covered for a DIY rod bearing replacement on the S85 engine. This package uses the latest Genuine BMW rod bearings. We also offer WPC (preferred) and BE bearings. The BMW bearings have gone through material changes since the original spec but they are the factory-approved bearings (even if you were under warranty) so they are a popular option. WPC is an improved factory bearing and BE uses the original bearing material. You can find more detail on each type using the Related Items links below.

From the menu above you can select the engine oil to include in your kit: Genuine BMW 10W60, Red Line 15W50, or no oil (you supply your own).
- Genuine BMW oil is obviously the factory recommendation and its the latest TwinPower formula
- Red Line 15W50 is our preference because of the research we have done. Even though classified as an SAE 15W it's actually thinner when cold than the factory 10W. This allows easier access to tight bearing clearances and faster warm-up temps. The SAE 50 rating is lower than the factory oil but the Red Line has greater shear strength and lower evaporation than the factory 60 oil. We feel that the RL 15W50 is a better overall choice for street and mildly-tracked cars and it's what we use in our own cars.

Genuine and OEM gaskets and o-rings are included.

Complete Kit contents:
10 x 11247841703, S85 upper rod bearing shell
10 x 11247841702, S85 lower rod bearing shell
20 x 1124834522, rod bearing bolt
1 x 11137836361, OEM Elring oil pan gasket
1 x 11121304174, Genuine oil return tube o-ring
2 x 11417836233, Genuine electric oil pump gasket
2 x 07119906464, power steering hose crush rings (for disconnecting the steering rack)
2 x 32411093597, power steering hose crush rings (for disconnecting the steering rack)
1 ounce, Red Line Assembly Lube
Your choice of oil with an OEM oil filter (engine takes 9.3 liters, so 10 liters or quarts will be included)

Important Notes:
Note 1: front subframe must be removed (lowered) to access oil pan and bearings. This creates multiple opportunities to replace other parts. This kit only includes the crush washers for disconnecting power steering lines to lower the subframe and steering rack. Contact us for a "Extended" kit that covers more parts.
Note 2: BMW calls for a set of new oil pan bolts when removing the oil pan. We don't feel this is necessary and have re-used these M6 bolts multiple times. We do offer a replacement set, see the Related Items link below.
Note 3: when engine re-assembly is complete, prime the engine with the fuel system deactivated. Priming is done by engine cranking without firing and allows oil to circulate to critical areas.
Note 4: Correct oil operating temperature is 220°F - you should properly warm your engine before subjecting it to higher throttle angles and RPM.

BMW Fitments:

5 Series
E60 (06-10) > M5
6 Series
E63 / E64 (06-10) > M6
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