Rod Bearing Overhaul Kit (Basic), OEM & Red Line 15W50 - E46 M3 -2/03

Bare minimum bearings, gaskets, hardware, and Red Line 15W50 oil for early E46 M3

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There are multiple ways to replace the rod bearings on E46 M3 and this kit includes the bare minimum basics for replacement with the subframe and steering rack removed. Our preference is to support the engine from above and remove the subframe with the steering rack and control arms still attached. It sounds like a lot of parts but is actually the fewest number of bolts/disconnections to make. All parts are Genuine or from an OEM supplier.

This kit includes Red Line 15W50 engine oil. This is our preferred engine oil to use on the S54 engine. Even though it carries an SAE 15W grade the viscosity and pour point of this oil is better than the factory 10W. This means the oil will penetrate the bearing surfaces and clearances easier than the factory oil. Red Line's high quality base stock is also better for evaporation and shear resistance so it outperforms the factory oil at high temps as well!

Fits M3 models up to 2/2003 production date.

S54 rod bearing kit includes:
6 x 11247835439, Genuine BMW bearing shell, red, standard size
6 x 11247835440, Genuine BMW bearing shell, blue, standard size
1 x 11137832023, oil pan cover gasket
1 x 11131437237, oil pan gasket
1 x 11431707164, dipstick tube o-ring
1 x 11411401769, suction pipe o-ring
2 x 32411093596, power steering supply hose crush washer
2 x 32411093597, power steering outlet hose crush washer
2 x 80311, Red Line Assembly Lube
1 x 11427833769, Mahle oil filter
6 x 11504, Red Line 15W50 engine oil

Connecting rod bolts are not included in this kit for early model M3. Cars produced up to 2/2003 have a M11 connecting rod bolt that can be re-used for reassembly. BMW actually does not sell the M11 rod bolt separately. Unlike most other rod bolts, the M11 is not a torque-to-yield and it can be re-used. If you would like a replacement M11 bolt set, see the ARP bolt link below.

This kit includes parts for unbolting the steering rack and subframe from the chassis. This includes the crush washers used for the power steering pump on the engine but does not include any other hardware for subframe removal. Most hardware can be re-used so this kit favors the DIY or shop that only needs the basics. Obviously additional other parts can also be replaced at the same time - motor mounts, tie rods, boots, oil pan bolts, etc - contact us for a package deal!

These are Genuine BMW bearings for the S54 engine. Treated WPC bearings are also available (see other kits below).

BMW Fitments:

3 Series
E46 (2001-2/2003) > M3
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