Top-End Gasket Set, Elring - E38 750iL, E31 850Ci

Extensive gasket and seal package for M73 work above the engine block. OEM equivalent to BMW part #11129068137

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Head gasket failure is a not uncommon M73 issue and it's something to take seriously. This head gasket set for E38 750iL and E31 850Ci has all of the gaskets and seals associated with nearly any work done above the engine block, including head gasket replacement, intake manifold removal, VANOS and camshaft work, and more. It's good planning to have a top-end and bottom-end gasket on hand in your garage because you never know when you need a gasket in a pinch. Gasket sets are like having your very own BMW parts department at your finger tips!

The head gasket is sold separately (see below). Head gaskets are available in more than one thickness to account for a shaved or milled cylinder head. Use a stock thickness if you are not shaving the head.

This M73 top end gasket set includes:
4 x 07119963041, oil distribution pipe gasket ring
6 x 07119963044, gasket ring
1 x 07119963355, gasket ring
1 x 11121725002, valve cover gasket, bank 1
1 x 11121725003, valve cover gasket, bank 2
2 x 11141709060, Distributor shaft seal
1 x 11141710175, gasket
1 x 11141725701, upper timing case lower gasket, bank 1, 2 hole
1 x 11141725704, upper timing case lower gasket, bank 2, 2 hole
1 x 11141725767, upper timing case gasket, bank 1
1 x 11141725768, upper timing case gasket, bank 2
1 x 11141725772, upper timing case gasket, bank 2
1 x 11141725776, upper timing case gasket, bank 1
1 x 11141725778, upper timing case middle gasket
2 x 11141725780, Distributor cover gasket
2 x 11141725787, rear cover gasket
1 x 11141729459, oil fill cap gasket ring
2 x 11151702291, vent pipe profile gasket
2 x 11151736471, intake manifold cover o-ring
1 x 11311702953, timing tensioner gasket ring
2 x 11349059172, valve stem seal ring (24 total)
2 x 11531710048, water pipe o-ring
1 x 11531710055, water pipe o-ring
2 x 11531725788, water pipe gasket
2 x 11611708475, throttle body gasket
8 x 11621704539, exhaust manifold gasket
4 x 11621704540, exhaust manifold gasket
2 x 11721741387, air pump gasket ring
2 x 11721741388, air pump gasket
2 x 11727505259, air pump valve gasket
1 x 12141748398, camshaft position sensor o-ring
1 x 13531720251, fuel pressure regulator o-ring
1 x 13531720252, fuel pressure regulator o-ring
24 x 13641730767, fuel injector o-ring
4 x 18301716888, exhaust manifold gasket

Additional parts such as the head gasket, head bolts, other hardware, and sensors are sold separately (see below).

Symptoms of head gasket failure include: white residue (tapioca) in the valve cover, under the oil filler cap, and in drained oil, low coolant (not caused by failure in cooling system), low oil, oil leak onto exhaust manifold, and loss of power from loss of compression. Cooling system trouble on the M73 must be addressed quickly as the aluminum head is easily damaged if overheating occurs.

This is an OEM head gasket set manufactured by Elring - one of the original suppliers to BMW for these gaskets, as well as many other gaskets and seals. As the OEM it meets all of BMW's original design, fitment, and performance requirements and is TUV approved. OEM parts are the best alternative to more expensive Original BMW parts because they are virtually identical without the inflated price tag. These parts have a two year warranty.

Because this kit fits multiple models it may include duplicate or redundant parts.

BMW Fitments:

7 Series
E38 (95-01) > 750iL
8 Series
E31 (91-97) > 850Ci
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