WPC Treated Rod Bearing & Bolt Package - E60 M5 & E63 M6 (S85)

Race-ready treated S85 bearings and hardware for peak performance and high-revving durability

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Currently sold out but this is a normal stocking item for us. Please contact us for the very latest ETA.



This is a set of upper and lower WPC-treated rod bearings with ARP Pro Series rod bolts for E60 M5 and E63/E64 M6 S85 V10 engines, as used in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

We take a standard BMW bearing shell and give it the WPC treatment - a microscopic shot-peening of the bearing which does the following: 

  • Removes high spots and imperfections
  • Improves fatigue resistance
  • Increase the surface's oil retention abilities for more lubrication
  • Safer than a coating and will not decrease clearances
  • Preserves the factory bearing's metallurgy
Rod bearings are a typical wear item and critical on high revving engines like the S85 V10. The WPC treatment has proven to prolong bearing life and reduce friction, however, bearings are still a wear item. There is no official replacement interval from BMW but we have seen and heard of high bearing wear as soon as 60,000 miles. We feel comfortable recommending a preventative replacement at 80,000 miles from stock bearings and expect a longer interval for treated bearings (data for this is still pending). Track your bearing wear with regular used oil analysis and plan on rod bearing replacement some time in your engine's future.

Bearings are sold by size. These are the standard 53.0mm inside diameter size.

This kit also includes a set of ARP Pro Series connecting rod bolts. The factory rod bolts cannot be re-used so you must purchase new bolts anyway. The ARP S85 rod bolts are precision CNC-machined to exacting specifications and designed for optimum reliability. They're thread rolled after heat treating, which gives them about ten times better fatigue strength than lower-quality bolts that are threaded prior to heat treatment. Another benefit is that ARP bolts can be re-used as long as they did not stretch during installation or use.

Price is for the set of 20 bearings and 20 bolts, the correct amount for the V10.

Engine Oil Note: we strongly recommend a quality oil such as Red Line because of its higher zinc content and better protection values at operating temps. For a dedicated track/race car the Red Line Racing oil has the most zinc and shear strength (but lacks the detergents desirable in street oils). Correct oil operating temperature is 220°F - you should properly warm your engine before subjecting it to higher throttle angles and RPM. For more info on engine oil in general, check out our Oil Tech Page by clicking here.

BMW Fitments:

5 Series
E60 (2006-2010) > M5
6 Series
E63 / E64 (2006-2010) > M6
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