Spark Plug Upgrade (Set of 6), BMW - F8X M2/M3/M4 S55 with E85 or Blended Fuel

Slightly colder plug with less projection for highly-tuned S55 engines

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  • Irridium electrodes for high performance
  • Shorter, less exposed center electrode (projection)
  • Slightly colder heat range for better knock resistance and misfires
This NGK spark plug is an upgrade for S55 engines running E85 and other blended fuels with more timing and higher boost. The center electrode height is shorter (less projection) and is better protected than the original plug. It also has a slightly colder heat range to lower combustion chamber temperatures and resist knocking and misfires.

The plug gap must be set using a spark plug gap tool! These come with a gap of .030" (0.75mm) that should be opened up. Stock N55 plugs are gapped to .315" (0.80mm) so start with that and adjust to match your tuning.

Homologation Note: this product may have fitments and applications listed that originally used a different part for rules compliance or homologation. We include these fitments because this part is compatible and may be an improvement or upgrade over the original part. However, as with any racing series or class, it is up to the vehicle builder or owner to ensure parts compliance with series or class rules.

Just like ignition coils, spark plugs are key to the performance and efficiency of your BMW engine. A bad plug(s) will harm performance and fuel mileage and affect drivability and engine smoothness. Unburnt fuel in the exhaust will shorten the lifespan of oxygen sensors and catalytic converters.

BMW Fitments:

2 Series
F87 (19-21) > M2 Competition
F87 (19-21) > M2 CS Racing
3 Series
F80 (15-19) > M3
4 Series
F82 / F83 (15-21) > M4
F82 (15-21) > M4 GT4
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