Wagner Evo III Competition Front Mount Intercooler - E70/F15 X5 & E71/F16 X6

Larger stepped design for increased intercooler volume

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Can you ever have enough cooling on the BMW N55 twin-turbo engine? The answer is no and Wagner Tuning feels the same way. How does 1171.66 cubic inches of air:air cooling sound? This Wagner Competiton intercooler has enormous volume to keep pace with some of the wildest turbo build but also has a lighter construction for better performance on track. The intercooler itself weighs just 33.06 pounds!

This Wagner FMIC measures 21x13x5.9" for a total volume of 1711.66 inch3 - 120% more than the inadequate stock intercooler. This may be overkill for a daily-driver making less than 600hp - we have CSF and Wagner intercoolers that fit the bill - but more power demands more cooling and this is where the Wagner Evo III comes in.

The Competition intercooler is built with a tube and fin layout which trades surface area for lighter weight. Tube and fin designs have fewer channels for the air and thinner materials. This makes the entire unit lighter than the other bar and plate construction. There is less heat soak capability so this is not the best intercooler for traffic jams but cools just as well when driving at speed. Where pounds count and the car is always moving - such as in a race environment - the Competition intercooler is the better option.

Ready for more boost in your E70/F15 X5 or E71/F16 X6 35i/35d? Not without a bigger intercooler! The stock BMW intercooler on the N54 and N55 is decent enough for maintaining intake air temps on a stock engine (though there's still room for improvement). But adding more boost will raise intake air temps and lead to fuel and timing adjustments that could actually reduce power levels! If your N54/N55 turbo upgrades are not living up to expectations it could be the rest of your system letting your down.

Other Features -
+ Stepped design to maximize surface area
+ 113% larger surface area and 120% more volume
+ Improved cast aluminum end tank design to eliminate bottlenecks
+ Internal turbulators to tune airflow
+ Larger inlet and outlet ports with matching silicone hose
+ Anti-corrosion coating also dissipates heat
+ Made in Germany

Kit comes complete with intercooler, mounting material, and installation instructions. Because of the larger size, some trimming and modification is required for installation.

Notice of Emissions Non-Compliance. The intake system is part of a vehicle's emissions equipment. Removing, disabling, or altering emissions equipment on a pollution-controlled road vehicle is illegal. Installing devices or software that trick, disable, or modify emissions controls and monitors on a pollution-controlled road vehicle is also illegal. Unless noted above, this product is not legal for installation or use in California on any pollution controlled motor vehicle. Not legal for installation or use on any pollution controlled motor vehicle in any state, province, or jurisdiction governed by, or which has adopted, CARB or EPA regulations.

BMW Fitments:

X5 Series
E70 X5 (07-13) > X5 xDrive35d
E70 X5 (07-13) > X5 xDrive35i
X5 Series
F15 X5 (2014+) > X5 sDrive35i
F15 X5 (2014+) > X5 xDrive35d
F15 X5 (2014+) > X5 xDrive35i
X6 Series
E71 X6 (08-14) > X6 xDrive35i
X6 Series
F16 X6 (2014+) > X6 sDrive35i
F16 X6 (2014+) > X6 xDrive35i
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